The Best Bikes for Adventure Touring

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Bikes for Adventure Touring

The Best Bikes for Adventure Touring

The culture of motorcycling has finally arrived in India, with the market opening up like never before, facilitating the entry of many bike manufacturers as well. Right from Harley-Davidson, Triumph, to Benelli, Ducati, and Kawasaki, many global and Indian bike manufacturers are seeing the country as potential competition and a great source of revenue.

For a true-blue bike enthusiast, there is nothing better than exploring uncharted territories. And more the challenges, the better for the biker. This is where adventure bikes step in, to help bikers traverse a variety of terrains – from mountains to rugged deserts and more. These beasts are tough, purpose-built and will be more than happy to take you off the beaten path.

Here are our top picks for the Best Bikes for Adventure Touring –

  • Royal Enfield Himalayan

When you talk about adventure touring bikes, the mention of the Himalayan will always be at the start. This is also possibly the most affordable adventure bike in the country and a very reliable partner, thanks to Royal Enfield’s unbeatable and omnipresent service across the country. It fares well on most road tests and is also easiest to maintain. It’s tough enough for most terrains is comfortable, and can easily go off the road too. The Himalayan has a 411cc engine that produces 25bhp and 32Nm. It’s one of the most practical motorcycles, and its price starts at Rs. 1.63 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

  • Triumph Tiger 800

Possibly one of the best adventure touring bikes out there, the Triumph Tiger 800 is a hot favourite among most bike enthusiasts in India. It has two ranges – XR range (for street) and the XC range (for off-road). Both of them have an 800cc 3-cylinder engine that produces 94bhp and 79Nm of torque. Not just that, but the bikes also offer lots of electronics and suspension units on their different models. The bike needs quite a bit of practice before you can master it, but once you do, it is an absolute pleasure to ride. The prices for the Triumph Tiger 800 start at Rs. 10.6 lakh and goes up to Rs. 14 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

  • Suzuki V Strom 1000

Suzuki V Strom 1000

The Suzuki V-Strom 1000 has one of the best ride quality amongst adventure touring bikes, and even for its big size, it is actually quite easy to handle and maintain. The bike has great Traction Control and ABS. The bike can handle the worst of roads with unparalleled ease and will not let you down no matter what kind of mountain road you wish to conquer. And not just that, it is a good choice for your daily city rides as well. The bike is backed by a 1,037 V-Twin Engine that produces 98bhp and 103Nm of torque and comes with a price tag of Rs. 14.95 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

  • Kawasaki Versys 650/1000

Both the Versys 650 and the Versys 1000 have to be mentioned when it comes to adventure touring bikes. They are both versatile and come with an unending list of electronics which makes life easier for bikers who like everything to be sorted by the machine itself. The great thing about this bike is that its ergonomics are pretty good so it doesn’t tire out a rider even after they spend long hours on the saddle. While the TheVersys 650 has a 649cc engine which throws 68bhp and 64Nm of torque, the Versys 1000 gets a 1049cc engine that has a 118bhp and 1032Nm of torque. The price for the Versys 650 is Rs. 6.6 lakh and for the Versys 1000 is Rs. 13.28 lakh (ex-showroom-Delhi).

  • Ducati Multistrada 1200 s

Ducati Multistrada 1200 s

The Ducati Multistrada is the latest entrant in the adventure touring Bike league but has already established its stronghold as one of the most formidable bikes of this category. It is fuelled by a 1198cc engine with 160bhp and 138Nm of torque. This bike also comes with Ducati’s staple list of electronics. The Multistrada’s pricing starts at Rs. 17 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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