Audi Launches Connected Car Tech in India

Audi Car Tech

Audi Launches Connected Car Tech in India

In a bid to turn around its fortunes in the country, German luxury carmaker Audi has introduced a host of tech-driven services to enhance the purchase and ownership experience of customers.

As a first among luxury carmakers in the country, Audi India has introduced a cloud-based telematics solution that provides owners access to relevant vehicle information via a mobile app called ‘myAudi Connect‘.This smart connectivity tech is quite similar to Hyundai’s Blue Link and MG’s iSmart services and can be retrofitted to all Audi vehicles, starting from the model year 2011.

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The telematics service, which can be availed for a subscription fee of Rs 19,999 for three years, offers multiple features. The myAudi Connect mobile app allows users to send SOS alerts in case of an accident or call for roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown. Additionally, time- and location-based fencing can be configured to alert the owner of the vehicle is driven beyond the set conditions.

Another feature called the telematics suite can provide users with vehicle location tracking in real-time. It can also help guide people back to their parking spots. Configurable alerts can notify owners in the event of their vehicle being towed away. Moreover, myAudi Connect allows users to do a POI (point of interest) search right from within the mobile app instead of going through their car’s infotainment system.

Subscribers of the app can also use the platform to book service appointments and review service history. The connected tech further provides them with various details depicting vehicle health. Additionally, the app also has the ability to store digital copies of the car’s documents; important for when you’re stuck in a situation where you lose them or need them.

The myAudi Connect is also tuned to analyse various driving parameters like acceleration and braking and provide a driving score. Furthermore, it can be configured to sound an alert in case of prolonged engine idling times. To enhance the in-car entertainment experience, the app provides users access to audiobooks, podcasts and music from various streaming platforms. It even extends the services of a concierge for making dining, travel and other kinds of reservations.

Audi has begun the process of rolling out AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) technologies at its dealerships across the country. Set up in dedicated ‘experience zones’ in the brand’s showrooms, the virtual displays will enhance the buying experience for prospective customers who can visualise and personalise their vehicles, starting from exterior paint shades and wheel rim designs, right down to the choice of leather upholstery and other inlays and textures in the cabin. Audi is also extending the facility of making these services available at any convenient location, which means buyers will be able to customise their cars from the comfort of their homes.

Not just that, Audi is set to revamp its product line-up in the country. The automaker is gearing up to introduce its flagship luxury sedan, the A8, as well as its first electric vehicle, the e-Tron, by the end of this year. The updated A6 executive sedan will also make its debut soon.

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