Automakers to Encash Festive Season to Drive Sales

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Mercedes Wishbox Festive Offer

Automakers to En-cash Festive Season to Drive Sales

As the festive season is coming near, vehicle makers are driving focus towards making the most during the festive season. As the slowdown has hit the industry and crippled down all the brands, automakers are driving attraction of the consumers by indulging with them through events and other marketing methods.

Some brands have also started organizing events on college campuses while others are decorating the showrooms with puja pandals to boost up the sales. India’s largest automobile manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki has started targeting defense personnel and government employees with attractive offers while others are planning about stalls in melas, mall and other places.

What is Being Offered?

The activities being planned and carried out now have never been new, but the intensity has never been the same. Today, customers are hesitating from purchasing a new automobile and so the brands have become desperate to reach their potential customers at their homes, colleges, schools, workplaces and so on.

Hyundai Celebrathon

The manufacturers and dealers are bringing out innovative offers and campaigns along with the discounts that are already at a record high to bring in the potential customers. Hyundai Motors has named its campaign, Celebrathon, while Mercedes-Benz calls it a Wish Box and Toyota has launched two financing schemes for the buyers with the name Toyota Edge and Toyota Smart.

There are several offers and discounts await your way.

With the festive season coming near, brands across the country have started developing tactics to push the sales and minimize the effect of the slowdown. So, if you are willing to purchase a brand new vehicle, this is the perfect time to make the move.


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