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Autonomous Driving: A Feature That Changed the Meaning of Comfort in the Automobile Industry

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Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving: A Feature That Changed the Meaning of Comfort in the Automobile Industry

As humans, we have always had the tendency to evolve through innovation. And there have been several mind-blowing innovations that have changed our perspective towards this world, and also majorly transformed the way we live.

The introduction of Hybrid or electric cars was one of these innovations. But, as they say, the human mind is never satisfied, and we have taken this innovation higher by introducing some more features in these hybrid cars.

Autonomous driving or self-driving is one such innovative feature that has been introduced in hybrid vehicles. Just like the auto-pilot mode in airplanes, this feature brings the vehicle to the auto-driving mode. This is a feature that helps you relax while traveling and is also great for your safety, in case you are not well or are not in your senses.

We will have a detailed discussion on this feature in this article and also talk about some vehicles that have introduced it in their latest models. But before that, let’s talk about what exactly this feature does and how it can help you travel.

Autonomous Driving

What is an Autonomous Driving?

As the vehicles of the future are taking over the roads, autonomous driving is a term we are slowly becoming accustomed to. We are still away from witnessing the invention of driverless cars, but for now, this technology has made driving much easier and safer.

The feature could have been introduced in the normal versions of the vehicles but the innovators thought the hybrid cars to be the best option for implementing this innovation. Why? The reason for this question is very simple; it’s because of the amazing features in the hybrid vehicles. With the integration of autonomous driving, these cars are just one step away from becoming the best example of AI technology.

Autonomous driving is segregated mainly in five different levels, which make them suitable for vehicles based on the requirement of the levels.

Levels of Autonomous Driving

Before starting with the levels, we would like you to know that the automobile industry also includes a level 0, which is used for the vehicles that do not involve the self-driving feature. But we would just skip that topic and move on to the real deal.

  • Level 1. The level 1 autonomous driving feature is commonly seen on the roads. It refers to the cars that have systems that allow the car and driver to share control of the vehicle. Adaptive cruise control is an example and it controls the speed and distance of the vehicle. The driver still needs to be active on steering. The parking assistance feature in the cars is a perfect example of level 1.
  • Level 2. When it comes to level 2 cars, these have internal systems that can take care of all aspects of driving such as steering, acceleration, and braking. The level 2 is also referred to as the “Hands-Off”.  The auto-pilot mode in Tesla and Pro-pilot mode in Nissan Leaf is a perfect example of level 2.
  • Level 3. The level 3 vehicles are the ones that can be considered as the nearest to the autonomous driving feature. The vehicles that fall into level 3 allow the driver to sit back and relax while the technology does driving for you. This level sets a speed limit according to the route and maintains it till the rider does not take over the steering wheel. Audi A8L, Audi A8, and Audi A7 provide you with this feature.
  • Level 4. The lever 4 cars are the ultimate when it comes to self-driving as they do not require any kind of interference from the rider. In a statement, you can just go to sleep by activating this function, but since safety comes before everything, you can apply this mode only in certain geofenced areas or traffic jams. In case these conditions are not around you, the car will escort you to safety in times of an emergency with this feature.
  • Level 5. The level 5 or the mind-blowing level requires no involvement from the rider whatsoever. They are fully autonomous driving vehicles. The vehicles that include this level are less in number but there are predictions that in some time, we will be able to see cars with these concepts very commonly. Cars from Tesla and Audi’s Aicon have the facility of this feature and they are successfully running.

So, these are the levels that can be availed while thinking about a self-driving car or autonomous driving. Many experts believe that in some time, we would be able to see these cars on the roads running successfully and easing our lives.

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