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Benelli Leoncino Vs Benelli TRK 502, What’s your Preference?

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Benelli Leoncino vs Benelli TRK 502

Benelli Leoncino Vs Benelli TRK 502, What’s your Preference?

You must be aware of the recent Top launches that took place this month that involved the majestic BMW 3 Series, Maruti Suzuki XL, Ducati Diavel S, and so on. Among the list of such incredible vehicles, there was one more launch that took place on August 05 and thrilled the country. Benelli launched an amazing combination of power, looks, comfort, sophistication, and speed by the name Benelli Leoncino. The motorcycle is a neo-retro styled scrambler with attractive styling and a 500cc engine.

Earlier this year, the brand launched TRK 502 in February which is a perfect example of an adventure scrambler with consistent power, looks, and enough space to carry your goods. Along with these vehicles, the Italian brand plans to launch 9 new bikes this year and Leoncino is the most special one among them. But, the main question lies in how different are the two motorcycles in real-world conditions. Let’s check out the amazing capabilities of these two motorcycles launched by the Italian motorcycle makers’.

Benelli Leoncino

The Amazing Capabilities of both Benelli Leoncino and Benelli TRK 502 :

  • Acceleration

In terms of acceleration, Benelli TRK 502 is faster than Leoncino when it comes to accelerating off the line. Benelli TRK 502 takes 7.29 seconds to reach 0-100kmph while the Benelli Leoncino takes about 8.23 seconds for the same. The Leoncino weighs around 186kg against its sibling the TRK 502 but with a larger gear sprocket, it provides incredible performance in the city run.

  • Braking

The TRK adapts 320mm disc set upfront that is paired with four-piston radial calipers and the extra 50kg weight against its sibling makes the vehicle stay behind when it comes to instant stopping. Benelli Leoncino, on the other hand, stops quickly due to its weight which again makes the vehicle a good city bike. TRK takes about 30 meters to reach from 80kmph to 0kmph while its sibling takes 26 meters for the same.

Benelli TRK 502

  • Efficiency

Both the vehicles are efficient enough to grasp the attention of the potential customers and both of them carry the exact 500cc engine but with extra 50kg weight, TRK 502 delivers better fuel-efficiency making it a perfect motorcycle for long tours and highway runs. TRK offers 30.97kmpl in the city and 33.5kmpl on the highway, whereas, the urban scrambler is capable of delivering 22.92kmpl in the city and 25.31kmpl on the highway.

So, both the vehicle have their own pros and cons but both the vehicles bring out optimum performance as they are expected to deliver. Now, it’s on you to decide whether you like to unleash these monsters in the city or you want to opt them for touring and highway runs.


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