150cc bikes are fast gaining popularity among riders across the world. India happens to be one of the frontier countries embracing these marvelous machines with a good number of its population boasting of having a bike or two in their possession. So, what makes 150cc bikes so popular?

There are many reasons why riders are now resorting to 150cc bikes. One of the reasons is its affordability. Owning a 500cc bike can be quite expensive, especially when it comes to 500cc bikes in terms of purchasing and maintenance costs.

However, an excellent 150cc bike can serve you just as well without costing you a fortune as they cost less than large engine bikes, and their engines are easier to maintain.

Don’t be fooled by their engine displacement; these bikes have sufficient power to handle long distances and can attain speeds of up to 150km/hr.  If you are looking for a reliable bike with excellent speeds over long distances, then a 150 cc bike is the ideal pick.

  • Bajaj Pulsar 150cc

The Pulsar 150cc is by far the most popular 150cc bike in India as it is preferred for its stylish looks and optimum performance capabilities. The bike has a full tank capacity of 15 liters and a mileage of 50 kilometers per liter, making it an ideal bike for long rides.

Bajaj auto has recently unveiled the latest version of the pulsar 150 that is set to dominate the small engine motorcycle industry. This new edition comes with all the cool features from the preceding model, together with a cutting-edge fuel injection technology that guarantees optimum efficiency.

Thanks to this new advancement, the Bajaj pulsar 150cc can boast of having the highest fuel efficiency among 150cc bikes. You can easily accelerate up to speeds of 12km/hr in just a few minutes. What’s more intriguing about the bike is the feather-touch start that makes operating it easy. 

  • Yamaha FZ S V3

Like all other Yamaha products, the FZ S V3 bike is a durable, low-engine bike built to withstand consistent use with minimal issues. The durability of Yamaha products makes it safer even to purchase a second-hand bike as there is always a good chance you will get it in good shape.

With five gears, a mileage of 50km/hr, and an engine displacement of 149cc, the FZ S V3 can give you the ultimate rider experience of speeds up to 115km/hr. Better yet, the bike has a tank capacity of 13 liters large enough to store enough fuel for a long off-road trip.

We personally love this bike for its elegant, sporty design. If you are after a small engine bike that has looks and performance, then the Yamaha FZ S V3 is your best pick.

  • Yamaha FZ V3

The FZ V3 is another great small engine bike from Yamaha. The bike has almost similar features as the FZ S V3 save for the belly pan, which is featured on the FZ S V3 but left out in the FZ V3. Both bikes have a 149cc engine displacement and five manual gears.

Another distinguishing feature is the bike mileage of 65km/l, which is relatively higher compared to the FZ S V3, which makes it more economical and can accelerate to speeds of up to 116km/hr. To boost performance, the bike features a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine; therefore, you need not worry about overheating.

The braking system is also another feature worth admiration. The bike is fitted with a durable disc braking system and anti-locking brakes. This, together with its manageable weight of 132kg, makes it a safe ride for anyone; beginner or otherwise.

  • YZF R15

The YZF R15 bike from Yamaha is another great small engine bike. It is perhaps the fastest bike on this list with a top speed of 150km/hr. The bike has a six-gear manual gearbox with a mileage of 42km/l. This, together with its excellent fuel efficiency, earned the bike a spot on our list.

If you are looking for a small engine bike that can handle long distances at high speeds, this product is right for you as the bike’s superior engine and light body allow it to attain maximum speed within a few minutes. The only shortcoming is that the bike color selection is limited to two.

  • Bajaj V15

To sum up our list, we have the V15 from the Bajaj auto. Though last on our list, this bike has several great features that make it a good pick for any rider. With a manageable weight of 135.5kg and a mileage of 57km/hr, this bike has a top speed of 110km/hr.

Like most products on our list, the Bajaj V15 features a five manual gearbox and a full tank capacity of 13 liters. I love this product because it comes in four different colors, giving you a variety of colors to choose from.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing 150cc Bikes

Choosing a motorcycle in India needs some serious thinking and considerations; keeping in mind that it has the largest bikes market on the globe. With the many options available for you, a sense of confusion is expected.

Prior to making that purchase, you need to do some online research on motorbikes to determine which one meets your requirements. Furthermore, it would be an added advantage to ask your friends who own bikes some advice.

You might get invaluable information from people who have had first-hand experience with the bikes. Take as much time as you need and carefully analyze all your options.

The last thing you need at the moment is riding a motorcycle that you are uncomfortable with. Below is a buying guide we have prepared for you.

Size of the bike

What will you be using your bike for? Having the answer to this question is the first step to making the best purchase that meets your needs. For a commuter, a small-sized motorcycle will do the job will for those intending for long rides getting larger bikes will be a smart choice.

It would be best if you also considered your body physique. Just like human beings, motorcycles come in different sizes and shapes. A ride that your friend finds comfortable doesn’t necessarily mean you have to find it cozy too.

You might find that a bike’s height is too long, and your feet hang off the ground when you stop; this could be dangerous as you could fall. For this reason, always make sure that you take the bike you are interested in for a spin before purchasing. Get a feeling of it and make sure that it ergonomically fits your body physique. 

Engine performance

This is the most important factor; the engine is the heart of any motorcycle, never make a purchase before knowing how its engine works in terms of efficiency. You need to be aware of the mileage, the number of gears and, speed. 

Mileage is the estimated average miles a bike can travel with a full tank. With this knowledge, you should be able to select the most appropriate bike, depending on whether you will be using it to commute to your workstation or go for a long weekend ride. 

Above all, you need a powerful engine, emit less noise, have minimal air pollution and require little maintenance. 

Spare parts and accessories

The beauty of having a motorcycle is that you can easily customize it to meet the riding experience you want and your personality. They are plenty of options on how you can customize your bike.

Some of the common parts used include windscreen, saddlebags, and backrest. There are two options in this; they can be fitted during purchase if you want, or you could fit them later on when you see the need.

Be wary, some bike’s spare parts are difficult to find, and you can only get them from the manufacturer, which is wearisome. Such motorcycles are not the best, especially if you are trying to be economical. You need to get one that you can easily get the spare parts on any local store. 

Fuel consumption

With the rising fuel price, it is becoming expensive to maintain and using motorcycles. The only way around this is by buying a ride that consumes less fuel. Also, you need to keep in mind the fuel full tank capacity to avoid refilling every time you purchase one with a larger capacity.

Design of the bike

There are plenty of 150cc bike designs on the market, and unless you know the specifications of what you want, you will end up making a bad purchase decision. The design should attractive but also functional on every level.

Some of the common designs include; tourer- the sitting position is a combination of sportbike and cruiser, although the riding position is a bit straight. Sportbike- its design was purposed for sharp bends at high speeds, the handlebars are positioned below the rider’s chest, the elbows will be straight and feet below the body.

Cruiser- the rider’s feet are positioned forward and the hand above the chest; this allows the rider to have an upright posture. The vital thing is for you to buy a bike that you will be comfortable riding for a long time.

Is it brand new or used?

Depending on your personal preference and financial freedom, you could decide to settle on either a brand new or second-hand bike. Each has its pros and cons. New bikes come with a warranty and are highly reliable although they tend to cost more. 

On the other hand, used motorcycles are a good choice for newbies as they don’t have to worry about damaging them while perfecting their riding skills as they come while in bad shape. Another upside of used bikes is that they are fairly priced.

 Safety gears

Nothing is more important than your safety. Riding motorcycles may not seem dangerous, but you need to prepare for the worst. Important safety gears include gloves, jacket, and helmet, to mention a few. 

Something to smile about is that these apparatuses don’t cost much. Also, some bikes come with free gear like helmet and gloves. If you want to save money, why not buy a bike that comes with complimentary safety gear?  


Looking at what we have discussed so far, it is fair to say that shopping for a 150cc bike in India can be difficult. This is because there are numerous brands in the market, all of which are big on promises making it hard to pinpoint the right bike.

For optimum performance and durability, I advise you to go with the Bajaj Pulsar 150. With top speeds of up to 112km/hr and a five gear manual gearbox, this bike is built to handle long rides at high speeds. 

You will love its new fuel injection mechanism, which maximizes the engine’s fuel efficiency producing enough power to handle rough terrains. This bike guarantees value for your money; you better hurry while stock lasts!

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