What is a Beater Car and How to Buy?

Everyone loves a good ride. But having enough funds to buy the car of your choice is a whole different ball game. If you are bent on getting a nice car but find yourself stuck on a very tight budget plan, then getting a beater car can be a viable option.

No doubt, there are so many benefits when you buy a chassis car. However, a beater car that is of above-average standard still gets the job done. Most importantly, a beater car helps you adhere strictly to your budget while easily transporting yourself from one destination to another. 

What Exactly Is A Beater Car? 

A beater car is under the category that comes at a low price, works reliably, and can be fixed without much stress. They are the cars that have been used by different drivers over time but function well enough. 

Proper maintenance of a beater car will serve you for a long number of years. Beater cars usually cost between $500 to under $3000. 

Benefits of Beater Cars

Low Cost

Beater cars come with several benefits. The number one benefit obviously has to do with finances. If you are looking for a good ride but find yourself low on huge capital, then purchasing a beater car is an ideal choice.

You can just pay with cash instantly instead of worrying about monthly payments on a car mortgage. Apart from helping you to stick to your budget, you also get to save you lots when buying a car insurance policy. 

Low Long-Term Maintenance

Are you looking to save more with a beater car? You save more in the cost of fueling your car. This is because a beater car would not use up much fuel in comparison to a brand new car. Most of the brand-new car models these days use up a lot of fuel when in use, raising up a car fueling budget. Furthermore, a beater car comes with replaceable parts that are quite cheap. 

Reduced Vehicle Taxes

Driving a beater car does help you pay less in-vehicle taxes. This is because a beater car normally comes with a low reselling value. In a general sense, getting a beater car is of a great financial benefit than a brand new one. 

But then, there are so many beater cars around. A good number of them cost well below $3,000. So, which car brands are the best car beaters with reliable prestige? Mazda, Honda, Toyota Ford, and Lexus brands are among the best car beaters. 

Let us look into the best car beaters you can find around for around $3000. 

Choosing the Best Beater Car  

The fundamental factor in getting the best beater cars is not just about their low prices. There are a few things you must consider before buying a beater car. 


For starters, the mileage on the car is very important. A well-maintained car can be driven for more than 200,000 miles and do a great job. A beater car that has over 200,000 mileage would not serve you much. 

Number of Users

Finding out how many people have made use of the car is important as well. A beater car that has been used and maintained by one person is most likely to develop major issues after you buy it. Knowing the reason why the car is being sold as a beater car is another factor to consider.

 If there is no genuine reason for wanting to sell a used car, that is a sign that it is going to run you into huge bills. Finally, get a competent car mechanic to check out the beater car before you buy it. 

Now, which are the best beater cars? We compiled a list of them and what makes them tick.

#1 – Lexus LS400 

This ride is one beat car that is designed for high-performance. It will serve you for a good number of years, running very smoothly without damaging effects to the important driving parts. Even when they wear out, the parts can be bought at very low prices. The odometer count of 900,000 miles is another plus. 

#2 – Volkswagen Baja Big 1973 Edition 

This car brand is one of that is also easy on your finances. It does not consume a lot of fuel, keeping your fueling costs down to an affordable amount. The body parts are easy to get and come at a low price. It can also be quickly fixed when there are mechanical issues.

#3 – Toyota Celica convertible 1978 

As is known generally, Toyota cars are good beater cars. The economic fuel consumption, smooth driving, and easy to get cheap replaceable body parts. The aesthetic design is a good side attraction too. 

#4 – Ford Crown Victoria 2008 

This Ford product is one of the cheapest beater cars. It does not come with a lot of mechanical issues, serves you for a long time, and has body parts that are very cheap.

#5 – Mazda Miata 1994 Edition 

This portable ride by Mazda is one beater car that would serve you for a long time. With a balanced weight distribution, smooth engine performance, easily replaced mechanical parts, and rugged design, it gives it a good beater car rating.

#6 – Toyota pick-up 1991 Edition

This truck basically ticks off on most of the advantages of buying a good beater car. It comes with three that are capable of coping with heavy loads, replaceable parts that can be bought at low prices, low fueling costs, and great driving stability.

#7 – Mazda GTX 323 1988 Edition 

This ride is a four-cylinder turbo engine that drives smoothly. The body parts are not easy to come by, but they are reasonably affordable. The engine is powerful, lasting a good number of years for an enjoyable driving experience. 


Now that you know the best beater cars around, you can do well to get one for yourself. You save a lot in terms of financial costs. However, be sure to do your research well before making a decision on the beater car you buy.

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