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The Best Biking Groups in India

By June 13, 2019 July 23rd, 2019 No Comments
Biking Groups

The Best Biking Groups in India

Riding a bike in India is a challenging job, considering the massive amount of traffic on roads, and the fact that there is no specific lane for bike riders, yet. However, that hasn’t deterred enthusiasts from taking their favourite toys on a spin to the farthest corners of the country.

These group of enthusiasts across the country have managed to take their love for bikes to the next level through dedicated biker groups. These are not your usual daily-biking group, but those who like to ride the toughest bikes on the nastiest terrains. This might seem like a difficult task, and it is, but still communities of bike riders grows by the day.

So, if you are a bike enthusiast and are looking to join these Biking Groups, here are our top picks for you –

Group of Superbikes Delhi (G.O.D.S)

This Biking group was formed 21 years ago by Dr Arjun Thareja at a time when there was no trace of bike riders and the culture of riding bikes had not taken shape yet. The group started with two members but now has more than 70, and growing. The group’s only obsession is bikes, which is the main driving force behind all these like-minded members coming together. The group comprises of highly educated people like pilots, doctors, MBA’s executives, bankers, property consultants, ex-army men, businessmen with a common passion – superbikes and biking.

India Bull Riders (IBR)

This Biking group first originated in 2007 and has grown over six cities in the last six years. This is the official and only group for Royal Enfield motorcycles. One can join if you own Royal Enfield motorcycles. This group has eight recognized states in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Banglore, Hyderabad, Udaipur, Chennai, Jaipur and Pune and some are under probation. Only those who are 18 and above can join this group with proper licensing and documents procedures already completed.


The Bikerni is the first female biker club in India. The group brings together like-minded women to share their passion for motorcycling, and further polish their skills. It was founded in 2011. The Bikerni is also the only all-women motorcycle club that has been recognized by WIMA – Women’s International Motorcycle Association, the most prestigious body in women’s motorcycling. Only a single club in each country gets a WIMA recognition.

R15 Riders Club

R15 Riders Club was formed with one aim – to connect like-minded riders together. Started in Bangalore in 2014, the group is now present in two more cities – Hyderabad and Chandigarh – and is gradually gaining a stronghold in many other states. They have also been listed among the ‘Top 8 Biking Clubs in Bangalore’.

Harley Owners Group ( H.O.G)

Popularly known as H.O.G., the Harley Owners Group is the world’s original social network with over a million members worldwide. This is the official Biking group of Harley Davidson bike owners and for joining this group there are some fees that need to be paid. The HOG is ‘the grandaddy of all community-building efforts’, serving to promote not just a consumer product, but a lifestyle. This group conducts several bike riding trips all over the world

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