Blacksmith to Launch B2 Electric Bike in the Indian Automobile Market

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Blacksmith to Launch B2 Electric Bike in the Indian Automobile Market

As the trend of electric automobiles has arrived in India, several options have already been introduced for the Indian consumer. Now, a Chennai based company, Blacksmith is all set to launch its first all-electric motorcycle next year.

The B2 has been in the making for almost a decade now and it has been reported that when other bike makers were developing their tactics for electric mobility, Blacksmith was into filing patents for swappable batteries. So, it can be considered that there is a lot of upcoming challenge for the Revolt Motorcycles that have already launched their first product, RV 400 into the Indian market.

The company hasn’t revealed any images for the vehicle yet but some images of the prototype have been launched by the company as a first teaser. So far, the features expected in the vehicle include a fully digital instrument cluster, several ride modes, LED lights at the front and back.

The motorcycle will function on a 72V lithium-ion battery which is capable of traveling 120kms. Blacksmith also offers multiple methods of charging the battery such as swapping the batteries, taking batteries home for charging, etc. So far, the top speed of this motorcycle is expected to be 120kmph and will reach from 0 to 50kmph in just 3.7 seconds.

Currently, Blacksmith will be focusing their sales in the Indian two-wheeler market but the company also plans to launch the B2 motorcycle internationally. The price expectation for B2 is Rs. 2Lakhs, which is a very reliable and affordable price especially when the target is the Indian market.

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