Front Bumper Damage Repair Costs

There are always possibilities of damaging your car bumper. It may be as a result of reckless driving either from you or from another driver. You can’t be too careful on the road as people are always in haste to their destinations, thereby leading to them bruising your bumper – but this isn’t your fault, and you can’t control the other fellow’s action. 

The other fellow may have made a bad decision by driving recklessly, but your bumper has already been brought down. 

The nature of the accident will determine how much damage has been caused. It may vary from just being a scratch or a dent on your bumper to being damaged beyond repairs. 

But when you get involved in this ugly situation, what do you do? Get angry with the other fellow? Of course, it is frustrating to see your bumper damaged due to another person’s recklessness, but if the damage is minimal, you’ll have to start thinking of how much the bumper repair will cost you even at the scene of the collision.

What Is a Bumper?

A bumper is that part of your vehicle that is placed at the front and the back of a vehicle. Naturally, it is meant to protect the car’s body structure at the front and back. It is placed there to act as protection for valuable parts of the car like the headlights and, more especially, the engine. 

It is designed in such a way that it absorbs the shock from a collision. This also includes shocks that can damage the engine, and if the engine of a car is damaged, then it may be quite expensive to repair the car. However, instead of you having a damaged engine, this bumper receives the shock, preventing the damage from reaching the car engine, and that way, you only have the bumper to repair. 

It is usually built with a plastic or rubber material which can be found in the much cheaper cars and can also be built with steel or aluminum, but cars equipped with steel or aluminum bumper are usually expensive.

Bumper Dent

The effect of collision doesn’t usually cause permanent damage to the bumper, all you have is just a dent – this is what is common to all cars, and it happens in the blink of an eye. A typical example is when you just finished shopping, and you get into your car so you can reverse, but someone unknowingly hits you from behind. 

You hardly see this coming if it happens even if you were watching your back. Scenarios like this are unavoidable, and the next thing you notice is a dent on your vehicle bumper. If it is just a dent with no scratch, a professional will repair it, and it will be as though nothing happened. 

This won’t cost you anything less than 150 USD for a repair. The good news here is that you can do it yourself without having to call the professionals only if you’ve got the right tools. You need to heat the exact location of the dent, probably with a hairdryer and then pull it out with a plunger. 

At times, the plunger might not be able to pull out all the dented parts; in this case, all you have to do is push the dented part of the bumper from the inside – that’s it, and you save yourself time and money. If you think you won’t be able to do that by yourself or you think you probably need a guide, then go online and search for videos that can guide you.

What If There Are Paint Scratches?

Paint scratches are more frustrating because usually, people don’t usually have the right tool or expertise to fix this. Worst case scenario is when you’ve probably gone for shopping, and you got back to find the bumper of your vehicle scratched all over, what do you do then? 

The person at fault isn’t even there to pay for damages, and you don’t have any evidence to present to your insurance company that it wasn’t your fault. This makes it more frustrating because you have to worry about costs of repair, which may fall along the lines of $300 for a professional re-painting service, depending on how much the paint scratches are.  If, after a collision, you find out that there have been scratches on your bumper, and the bumper of your vehicle is built with plastic, then you should be prepared to replace it completely.

What About Cracks?

The worst damage that can happen to the bumper of your vehicle is a crack, because it is dangerous for you, the car, and other drivers on the road. When the bumper of a vehicle cracks, and you don’t fix it as soon as possible, the force of air resistance, which is as a result of fast driving, can cause the crack to widen and spread through the entire bumper. 

Once the bumper splits into two, it can fall off at any time. This may cause severe hazards for all parties involved. We recommend that you avoid over-speeding and take it to professionals for repair as soon as you notice a serious crack in your bumper. Although it might cost you between $300 and $1500, depending on the vehicle, but it is better to repair it while you can than cause greater havoc as a result of your negligence.

Which Should I Go For – A Replacement or A Repair?

Some bumpers can be damaged beyond repair, and in some cases, some cracks are too wide and long to be patched. In this case, we recommend that you replace your bumper entirely. 

Sometimes, people ask, why paying so much money for a repair when you can get a replacement at almost the same price? Also, have it in mind that these damages and their costs of repairs might be different depending on your location and the type of your vehicle.

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