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Feels Like an SUV, Consumes Like a Car: Meet the Crossover SUV

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Crossover SUV

Feels Like an SUV, Consumes Like a Car: Meet the Crossover SUV

The automobile industry has witnessed several innovations and they have served us well. Crossover SUV is one of those innovations and it has become a new sensation for the families in India. They are a popular vehicle option due to their space, features, and comfort. The best part about this design is that it gives the feel of an SUV without compromising on handling, maneuverability, and visibility.

There are several reasons for the crossover SUVs to become the center of attraction. If you are new in the market and you are looking for a vehicle, here are some reasons to understand why Crossover SUVs are effective options for you.

Why Crossover SUV’s are Reliable?

The crossover segment of every company has enjoyed an astounding growth along with a perceptible increase in the sales that are so far considered as the maximum in the industry.

The difference between a normal SUV and a Crossover is very simple to understand. The SUVs are designed on a truck or a heavy vehicle’s chassis, whereas, Crossovers are designed on a car chassis and they are economical like a car. The only thing different about the crossover is that they may not be a great option for off-road adventures.

The term crossover came into existence a bit late than it should have. The only reason –these vehicles had their own categories such as wagons, rounded minivans, and compact SUVs.

The major reason Crossover is being considered so much these days is because of the features that one can get in such a vehicle. Earlier, these vehicles were considered to be rough, but with time, crossovers are appreciated for their spacious interiors and handling characteristics.

If we talk about comfort, it turns out that people who travel and own crossovers are much more familiar with the comfort of an SUV than the people who own and ride a normal SUV. They have the capability to maneuver through small spaces which makes it easier to park. They also are a great option as they are easier to drive and stop pretty quickly which makes them safer as well.

Many crossover SUVs also have practical utility application that includes towing and even off-roading. There are several options available in the market that a consumer can choose from. Select whatever suits you the best and get along with your trip.

Crossover SUVs Available in the Indian Market

  • Ford Ecosport

Ford Ecosport

With an ex-showroom price between Rs. 7.69L – 12L, Ecosport is available in a powerful diesel engine and petrol engine variants. Being Ford’s product, this model is enriched with advanced security features and premium interiors for utmost comfort.

  • Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon

Nexon has been considered as the first every compact or crossover SUV that has been designed by an Indian automobile company. With an ex-showroom price between Rs. 7L – 11L, this model is practical and fun. Available in Petrol and Diesel Engine, it is convenient, efficient, durable and safe.

  • Honda WR-V

Honda WR-V

This product from the Japanese manufacturer known for its technology is famed for its cluttered design on the exterior while providing a feature-rich interior for comfort and safety. It is a heightened vehicle which gives it a rough look and with its durable body, it can also be considered for off-road trips. It is priced between Rs. 8L – 12L and has all the features required in a 5-seater.

  • Renault Duster

Renault Duster

Renault Duster is an identical version of the Nissan Terrano which is a full-sized muscular and powerful SUV. Duster being priced between Rs. 8L – 14L caught a lot of attraction during its launch. It is a great vehicle gives you features of an off-road and on-road vehicle at the same time.

  • Toyota Rush


Toyota Rush has not been introduced in the Indian market just yet, but guess what, there are reports about Toyota planning to launch this vehicle for the Indian user. It can become a game changer for the company as they do not have any SUV below Fortuner. The estimated price for this vehicle is expected to be between Rs. 10L – 14L in petrol variant and it can be a tough competitor for the existing brands.

These are some of the best-of-the-best crossover SUVs available in the Indian market now. Before you make a purchasing decision on crossovers, you must ensure whether you require comfort and safety, or you want to go for some rough look with off-road features. The choice is yours, so choose wisely.

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