Driver Override System: Effectively Reduces Fatalities and Vehicle Expenses

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Driver Override System

Driver Override System: Effectively Reduces Fatalities and Vehicle Expenses

As the world keeps moving, there are several technical introductions that have been made to reduce the hassle involved and ensure seamless flow all along. Vehicles are a part of these technological advancements and we all would agree that it has reduced our problems to a great degree.

But, as it is said, anything in excess can be harmful. Vehicles these days have grown on a massive scale and it has actually made roads unsafe for pedestrians. When the automobile industry brought up the concept of cars, it was a blessing for humanity that reduced the stress of walking and also the time of travel.  At the start, there were not many people who were involved in purchasing automobiles, but as time passed, more and more people got familiar with vehicles.

Today, India has become a humongous partner in terms of the automobile industry and it is actively contributing to the vehicle trade. In the latest survey carried out by CEIC, it was witnessed that there were 252,354.000 units of cars actively running in India by 2017 and the number is constantly growing. Now, you can imagine the height of chaos that would be happening on the roads due to these many numbers of cars.

In such a case, it is very common for a person to get stuck into some kind of problem or there are chances of a person getting involved in an accident. To prevent these incidents, it was very important to develop a type of technology that would help in keeping people safe.

And it happened…

Driver Override System, a system that works on the concept of sensors was introduced in 1980 by the German Automobile company BMW or Bavarian Motor Works. The main reason for the introduction of this technology was to prevent the number of accidents happening on a regular basis.

This system works on the concept of sensors and they send the data to the car computer signaling that something is not right whenever the brake pedal is pressed. Once the signals are decoded, the computer overrides human input and brings the car to a halt in a precise and safe manner. The driver override system is constituted by a fully integrated electronic system resulting in a reduction of power in the vehicle.

Today, with the advancement of automotive technology, vehicles are actively making their decisions when the driver applies breaks at the time of the collision. The sensor technology also helps the vehicles in making firm decisions when the drive fails to take any action manually.

It is also used as the electronic fail-safe and when the car’s onboard computer system detects any abnormal mismatch in the operation of the brake pedal, it sends a signal to stop the vehicle safely.

Advantages of Driver Override System

It is always great to pick a vehicle that is embedded with the driver override system. Here are some of the advantages that make the system necessary for every vehicle.

  • Whenever an object entangles with the accelerator pedal and keeps pressing it, even after the driver has released his/her foot from the pedal, the sensors will automatically stop the vehicle in a safe manner.
  • When the driver pushes accelerator and brake pedal at the same time, it would trigger the sensor to work instantly.
  • Even if your vehicle is facing some electrical malfunction and goes on accelerating beyond driver’s intention, it would automatically send the signals stating something is not right in the vehicle and would lead the vehicle to stop in a safe manner.

Basically, the Driver Override system is designed to stop the car in a safe manner in times of emergency and by looking at the number of vehicles that are integrated with this system it can be presumed that the system is working properly. But, to make proper use of the system it is important that the vehicle drivers must maintain a safe speed in order to get effective results from this safety system.

Apart from this safety measure, there are several other safety features that are going to be introduced and have been made compulsory for every car company to install in their products. To know about these features and to understand their working, get in touch with us and know about the features before anyone else.

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