Blackfoot Public Auto Auctions in Eastern Idaho

East Idaho Auto Auction is an auction firm reputed for the quality of its staff. Every auction at this auction services is always successful because of its trustworthy staff. These staff put in a lot of effort to ensure that those that are selling, as well as those that are buying vehicles, get the best deal.

There are lots of services that can be obtained at East Idaho Auto Auction. Some of them are;

Buyer Protection

 When a vehicle that is less than 175,000 miles and is worth over $2500 is bought, East Idaho Auto Auction ensures buyers get a protection service. Before giving a vehicle any form of protection service, East Idaho Auto Auction takes time to go through the vehicle and ensure there are no defects.

When the inspection is over and the vehicle is considered perfect, whoever is interested in purchasing the vehicle can also carryout inspection in about seven days. If the vehicle is unable to pass any in section, the sale has to be reviewed.


This is perhaps the most common service associated with East Idaho Auto Auction. At this firm are top-level auctioneers that have a great deal of experience and also understand the way the auto industry functions. This set of professionals have much-needed training to create the right atmosphere for auctioning cars. With the right atmosphere, the sale and the purchase of cars will be a lot easier for all the parties involved.

 The expert auctioneers that work with this firm do not deviate from auction regulations. They keep to this rule religiously. By doing this, they are able to ensure that the auction process is fair for all involved.

Beyond simply carrying out auctioning, East Idaho Auto Auction is involved in title processing. When a dealer needs a representative, this film can play that role perfectly. As a representative for a car dealer without any representation, East Idaho Auto Auction ensures that the title paperwork that is needed for the transfer of ownership legally is made available.

Flooring Services

There are quite a number of flooring services offered by East Idaho Auto Auctions. Some of these services are NextGEAR Capital and AFC.


According to the Buyer Protection Service, after a major defect is noticed, the vehicle gets moved to a different shop for proper diagnosis. After the diagnosis has been carried out, East Idaho Auto Auction ensures the buyer, as well as the seller, go through a compromise that favors everyone involved.


When there is a need for promos, East Idaho Auto Auction organizes events to attract sellers as well as buyers. Although this cost some money, it leads to a significant increase in sale.

An example of the promotions this firm puts together to attract buyers and sellers was when it sponsored an event called the East Idaho Rumble. This event was a fight night that was patterned after the UFC. This event was exciting and attracted up to a thousand people. Due to the number of people at this event, more than700 cars got sold after auction.


East Idaho Auto Auction is not just interested in selling cars. It is also interested in ensuring that the cars that are to be auctioned are picked up, as well as delivered for the dealer participating in the auction. Doing this does not stop it from taking part in regular driver services that involve ensuring cars are placed in the auction inventory, as well as preparing sold vehicles to be transported.

After a vehicle gets bought, East Idaho Auto Auction makes transport services available to ensure that the vehicle is taken to the location of the dealer is one piece.


Although lots of people know East Idaho Auto Auction as a firm that is simply concerned with ensuring the auctioning of cars goes on well, this firm is interested in more than just auctioning cars. It is very interested in security. Its facility is properly secured. It is gated, fenced, and is under watch 24 hours of the day and seven days of the week.


East Idaho Auto Auction is involved in the maintenance of vehicles. This includes vehicles it auctioned, as well as those it was not responsible for auctioning. So long your vehicle needs the touch of a technician, you can always take it to East Idaho Auto Auction. At this repair shop are some of the best technicians in the country. They are properly trained and have the right level of experience.

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