Getting a bike on the market can be quite tricky, considering the numerous options available. However, this article provides a list of some of the best electric bikes you can get. The list consists of bikes that have been launched and others that will soon be available on the market.  

Ather 450

This is a bike from Ather Energy, a startup company with origins in Bangalore. The Ather 450 is a lithium-ion battery-powered bike launched last year. To improve its efficiency, it comes with fast charging technology.  

It offers an 80km/h maximum speed, which is attainable in 3.9 seconds, along with a torque of 20.5 Nm and 5.4kW (7.3 PS) power. The bike’s excellent features include a push navigation system, vehicle data, a 7-inch touchscreen powered by Android, a parking assistant, a diagnostic test, and an application to support smartphone connectivity.

According to the company, the batteries on this bike have a six-year or 50,000 Km lifespan, while the bike has a 75km driving range.

Hero Electric Nyx E5

Of the several EV vehicles from Hero Electric, the Nyx E5 ranks as one of four two-wheelers in its high-speed lineup. On a single charge, users can get a range of 50km, and the bike offers a 40km/h peak speed. 

It runs on a 48V | 28Ah lithium-ion battery, which requires four hours for a full charge. The bike features a 600W/1200W BLDC Hub Motor along with an extended footboard and foldable seat. To make your ride more comfortable, the bike has a telescopic suspension, pep switch, grab rail, bottle holder, and more.

Revolt RV 400 

With support for both iOS and Android devices, this bike is a good fit for anyone. In addition to the Revolt App, the bike also features Artificial Intelligence to power its operations, making it the first in India. 

This bike supports the use of replaceable batteries, which means that you can have an extra to swap in case of an emergency. The batteries can be charged using the 15-watt charger that comes with the bike. 

Some of the excellent features on this bike include the anti-theft protection, battery display in real time, fault detection, and sound options. A location access feature is also available. Through this feature, the bike can perform extensive analysis on how weather conditions and traffic can interfere with your movement. 

Tronx One

The Tronx One electric bike offers riders the option of conserving their battery through the use of an electronic gear Assist Mode. This mode provides a range of 70-85 Kms, while the continuous throttle mode offers 50 Kms, according to information from the company. This is thanks to the 36V | 13.6 Ah Lithium battery with a 500W rating.  

In comparison to several other electric bikes, its 25 km/h maximum speed can appear low. Nevertheless, it features a six-speed Shimano Shifters, Virtual Gears, and 3 Electric Gears. There is also a rear hub motor with a 250W rating.

It has multiple ride modes, and there is a tbike app for various functions. Some of the functions that the app offers include fitness goals setting and range estimation. The tronXTM powers the smart display of this bike. 

Avan Motors Xero Plus

Depending on how your preference, efficiency, or performance, you can select from the three different riding modes this bike offers. It comes with dual lithium-ion battery packs, with a single battery range of 60km, and a double battery range of 110km.

Charging is quite fast, with a full charge taking anything between 2 to 4 hours. In comparison to a vehicle, operating this bike will cost you only 10 per cent. The bike offers a 45km/h top speed, and some great features such as the safety stand, disc brakes, electric motor (800 Watts), and a utility box.

Okinawa i-Praise

The i-Praise is a product of the partnership between Okinawa and Aeris. This bike features a battery that you can charge through a 5A power socket for about 2-3 hours to get a full charge. On each charge, the bike offers a range of around 180km.

Some of the features that support this bike’s operations include SOS notifications, trip information, vehicle status, battery health tracker, continuous driving behavior monitoring, Geo-Fencing, and GPS. 

Hero Electric Flash LA

The second bike from the same manufacturer on this list, this option is available at a very low, budget-friendly price in comparison to other Hero Electric bikes. To power its systems, the Flash LA uses a 48V | 20Ah VRLA battery and a 250-watt electric motor.

There is short circuit protection, and other features such as crash guard, mag alloy wheels, digital speedometer, and telescopic suspension. A full charge requires 8 hours, with a driving range of 50 km, while the peak speed is at 25 km/hr. 

Yo Xplor

The company’s information on the performance of this bike states that it can run for up to 70km on a full charge. However, a single charge can take between six to eight hours. This is necessary to keep the 33 Ah VRLA battery in excellent condition.

Weighing around 86 Kg, this lightweight scooter can support a 75 Kg Load Capacity. It comes with a 250W motor to power its operations and offers a 25 km/hour maximum speed.

To meet the preferences of various customers, the bike is available in red, blue, black, and white color options. The front of the bike features a telescopic suspension, and there is also a multi-reflector headlamp. 

Ather 340

Earlier, we introduced the Ather 450 on this list. For those seeking something cheaper, the Ather 340 is an excellent option. It comes with a 1.92 kWh lithium-ion battery providing a peak torque of 20 Nm. A single charge of this battery offers a range of 60 km.  

The bike can accelerate from 0 – 40 km/h in 5.1 seconds and has a 70 km top speed. Satellite navigation, smartphone connectivity, fast charge, Ather’s cloud-connected remote diagnostics, and a touchscreen are some of the cool additional features of this bike. 

Hero Photon 48V

For those willing to invest a decent amount of money into an electric bike, this is a great option. A product of Hero Electric, this bike ranks amongst their expensive lineup.

The Dual Mode Drives on this bike provide access to an Economy mode and Power mode on this bike. The Economy mode has a 110km range, while the power mode offers 80km. With a max speed of 45 Km/Hr, this bike falls into the high-speed range of Hero Electric. 

An Anti-Theft Alarm feature helps to provide an additional layer of security to this bike. Other great features of this bike include the remote lock, telescopic suspension, and warranty of three years from the manufacturers. 

The bike uses a lithium-ion battery, and this can take around four hours for a full charge, thanks to a fast-charging feature.

When using this list as a guide on picking the right bike for your needs, there are certain factors you must also consider. These include: 

  • Battery charge time
  • Top speed
  • Battery lifespan
  • Single or dual battery 
  • Drive modes
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • GPS

These are a few features that can help you narrow down your choices. Since everyone has different needs, you need to be sure of what you need out of the bike. These needs, along with these factors listed above, will help improve the accuracy of your selection.

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