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Expensive Automobiles Only Seen in Dubai

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Expensive Automobiles Only Seen in Dubai

Expensive Automobiles Only Seen in Dubai

We have all heard different stories about how the Arab people roll and what their level of royalty is. We just want to tell you, all of that is true. They are the people who love spending a ridiculous amount of money on some ridiculous things. But, on the other hand, they also know spending money on things that might become the attraction for their country.

Today, we have jumped in the world of automobiles in Dubai and bring you some of the most expensive automobiles that can only be seen in Dubai.

  • Diamond Covered Mercedes Benz SL600

If you are a prince of the richest country in the world, this is how you would invest. Apart from buying a mansion and owning some expensive sports car, this how you would stand out from the crowd. The car belongs to Prince Alwaleed and the car has nearly 3,00,000 Swarovski Diamond crystals studded for the top to bottom. This Mercedes Benz SL600 costs around 33.12Cr and the price charges $1000 just to touch it.

  • Brabus Rocket 900

Brabus Rocket 900

What is so special about it? It is a Mercedes Benz S65 AMG with a V12 engine and two turbos attached to it. How? The Company Barbus masters in modifying standard Mercedes cars and taking them up a notch. The Barbus Rocket 900 has a gold-coloured exterior and the V12 engine produces 888hp and 1199.8Nm of torque.

  • Devel Sixteen

This hypercar was unveiled in 2013 at the Dubai Motor Show and there has not been any competition manufactured so far against this devil. It sports a 12.3-litre V16 engine producing nearly 5000 horsepower. With a top speed of 560kmph, this devil is unbeatable in terms of style and power.

  • Gold Lamborghini

Lamborghini’s are known for their unique style and speed which makes them a vehicle owned by every celeb and millionaire around the world. But how to stand out in the rich community with a car owned by every millionaire. The answer is, a car made out of solid gold. Yes, that’s right – A Lamborghini Aventador carved from solid gold can be seen in the shows hosted by Dubai. The car has 24kilos of gold all over it and costs around 51.74Cr.

  • Amphibious Cars

Dubai has always been known for its lavish lifestyle and attractions like Palm Island, Ferrari World, etc. As the palm island is surrounded by water, Dubai uses a different kind of commute medium. An Amphibious car specializes in operating on the land as well as on water. The tires of the vehicle retract into the car’s body and act like a jet ski making it a fun ride on water and land.

  • White Gold Mercedes SLR Sports

Yes, you read it right. A Mercedes SLR Sports made of actual sheets of white gold exists in Dubai. It sports a 1,600hp V10 engine that can reach 0-100kmph in just 2 seconds. It features 4 turbos with the V10 engine and costs around 17.24Cr.

  • Diamond Fitted Rolls Royce

The Rolls Royce Phantom is said to the car with the most beautiful interiors but this phantom has something much different from the regular ones. The Diamond celestial Rolls Royce was unveiled at the Dubai International Motor Show and has 446 diamonds fitted on the body. What’s more interesting? The diamonds are fitted inside the vehicle adding a starry-night vibe of the roof.

  • The Icona Vulcano

The Icona Vulcano

The Icona Vulcano is famous for a belief that it has been made from titanium which makes it extremely light, strong and capable to withstand intense conditions. The vehicle sports a 6.8-litre V8 engine generating 1200hp. It can reach 0-100 in just 2.8 seconds and costs around 19.18Cr.


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