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External Airbags: Not Just an Invention but a Concept of Prevention

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External Airbags

External Airbags: Not Just an Invention but a Concept of Prevention

In today’s time where technology has started moving at an unprecedented pace, it is very imperative for humans to cope with it. If we talk about the latest advancements in the automobile industry, we could all agree that we have made several strides in technology for which we can proudly pat ourselves on the back.

However, the world does not intend to stop just yet. With more and more technological advancements in the industry of automobiles, we have witnessed some amazing innovation that makes people’s lives easier.

External Airbags is one of those advancements. There are several expectations from this technology in terms of safety of the consumer, and it is expected to soon be implemented in every upcoming automobile in the near future.

What are External Airbags?

External Airbags

We think that the concept of external airbags was initiated from an idea taken from the Second World War 2. The tank crews used to cover their tanks with sandbags or concrete bags. Though it never made the tank impenetrable, the concept effectively reduced the damage of bullet shells up to the minimal.

The concept was invented by army personnel, but it was actively curated by the German Supplier named The ZF Friedrichshafen AG. In this concept, the airbags deploy from the side of the vehicle moments before a collision and reduce the impact on the vehicle. It is also designed to reduce occupant injuries.

How does it work?

We all understand how a collision takes place and what all places it affects. Now, the concept of external airbags uses cameras, radar, and lidar to determine when the collision is unavoidable. It then ignites the airbags in milliseconds before the vehicle strikes. The concept is designed in such a way that it communicates with the safety system of the vehicle and makes them active for the collision.

Currently, this technology has been implemented and tested to reduce the impact from the side collision where the car is generally struck either by another vehicle or slides sideways into an object. By activating just before the collision, this product is able to reduce the damage by 40%.

The general idea of external airbags fitted inside the vehicle is to protect occupants by activating after the collision, but the concept brought into the limelight by ZF would activate the airbags before the collision.

External Airbags

Test results

According to SF, the test results showed a significant reduction in the amount of force transferred to the occupants. It has potentially reduced the injury while getting in contact with a fender or bender of a car and preventing damage to the car.

So, the concept of external airbags is very simple, yet effective. Though we do not have reports of when this technology would be implemented in automobiles, it is estimated that every automobile company will actively start using this technology by 2020.

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