Government Plans to Waive Registration Charges from EVs. Here Is What You Can Buy.

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Government Plans to Waive Registration Charges from EVs

Government Plans to Waive Registration Charges from EVs. Here Is What You Can Buy.

People who worry about the country and its environment are aware of why petrol and diesel cars must be taken off the roads. The electric vehicle is the most effective invention for the erosion of this problem and to support this agenda, the Government of India has decided to waive registration charges for electric vehicles. The draft notification was issued to amend the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989. According to the Ministry of Road and Highways, Battery operated vehicles will be excused from the payment of fees for issue or renewal of registration certificate and assignment of the new registration mark. As the environment is facing major distress, the stakes are high which is why country plans high penetration of battery operated vehicles by the year 2030.

Major Points

  • Government plans to make exemptions on all categories of vehicles including two-wheelers.
  • So far, a draft notification for amendments in CMVR has been issued by the ministry. Amendments in Rule 81 propose such waiver.
  • Rules shall be taken into consideration after the expiry of a period of 30 days from the date.
  • Amendments will be done in exercise of the powers conferred on the central government.

While the Government of India is planning to take a major step to promote the use of electric vehicles, car companies are actively participating in the initiative making the availability of electric vehicles easy for the customers. Not just the major market-holding companies of India, but others have also understood the potential of this and are soon debuting their products. While the government is planning to promote and increase the engagement of EV by 2030, automobile companies have their own vision to make India a market of EV by 2020.

So, if you are planning to switch your vehicle and support the cause, have a look at this list of EV vehicles that will rule the roads of the future.

  • Tata Tiago Electric

Tata Tiago Electric

A pre-production version of Tata Tiago Electric made its debut at the Delhi Auto Expo earlier this year and achieved great appreciation. It features an 85KW motor, making it reach a top speed of 135KMPH. Moreover, this vehicle will reach 0-100KMPH in just 11 seconds. So, you do not only get an efficient car but can also enjoy the thrill of driving it. Thinking about the price? Don’t worry, as it would cost around Rs.6 Lakh.

  • Mahindra eKUV

Mahindra eKUV

Mahindra and Mahindra, the third largest producer of automobiles in India, debuted the electric variant of its compact SUV, KUV100 at the 2018 Auto Expo. Powered by a 30KW motor, the vehicle is expected to complete 140KM in a single charge. The company hasn’t revealed the prices for its product yet, but it is expected to carry a price tag of Rs. 8 Lakh.

  • Tata Tigor Electric

Tata Tigor Electric

After selling the electric variant of the Tigor directly to Energy Efficiency Service Limited (EESL), the company is planning to make them available for customers in the country. Tata has always been a reliable brand in terms of safety features in a vehicle. Now, with the introduction of electronic vehicles, they have taken another step towards increasing its brand reliability. The Tigor Electric is powered by a 29.8KW motor and promises up to 100km range.

  • Hyundai Kona EV

Hyundai Kona EV

Hyundai, a trusted brand in the Indian market, is all set to launch its all-electric SUV, the Kona EV this year. Supporting a 39.2KW electric motor, it will offer a range of 250km in a single charge. Hyundai has always portrayed the image of speed and luxury through their products, which makes the expectations from this car quite high. So far, the price of this vehicle is estimated at around Rs. 30 Lakh, which makes it clear that Hyundai still plans to walk on the same path.

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