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Helmets You Must Buy to Stay Safe and Keep Adventures Alive

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Helmets You Must Buy to Stay Safe and Keep Adventures Alive

Helmets You Must Buy to Stay Safe and Keep Adventures Alive

Motorcycle adventure tours are becoming a popular activity among the youth these days, mostly for the thrilling experience that it provides. While packing for an adventure ride, several things must be included in your checklist for a successful bike trip. The first and foremost is the motorcycle (obviously), but then comes the crucial helmet that is an essential part of your kit to protect the most precious part of your body.

Road accidents are a common phenomenon, and as a frequent rider, you must be aware and take all precautions to avoid mishaps. As per statistics, more than 150,000 people are killed each year in auto accidents and most of the deaths happen due to head injuries. Hence, buying a helmet is the first thing that must pop into your head while riding a motorcycle.

Normal or regular designs of helmets can be boring as they are not viable enough when it comes to controlling sweat and protecting your head. To make the helmet selection a more interesting process, several companies have offered feature-rich helmets in the market that are fancy enough and protect your head at all times. So, riders who think that helmets are boring, this list might change your mind.

  • TORC Integrated

TORC has been gaining a lot of praise for producing professional style helmets, which are accessible at reasonable prices. They have also entered into the Bluetooth helmet market and have added a luxury feature through built-in Bluetooth compatibility of the helmets. Bluetooth enabled helmets are a bit costlier than the normal ones, but they value every penny you spend. These helmets are durable, lightweight, and ventilated as well.

  • HJC IS-Max II


HJC helmets are some of the perfect motorcycle helmets you might come across. They put a lot of effort into their offerings, which is visible when you buy one of their products. This helmet offers a smoky tinted visor that covers your face properly keeping the noise, dust and harmful rays out of the helmet. Cleaning this helmet is a very easy process which allows you to keep the Bluetooth in a working condition. If you are thinking about sound investment, this is the product you must select.

  • YEMA Full Face Helmet

Here is another helmet that brings safety as well as performance when it comes to the world of Bluetooth helmets. YEMA is a renowned and fully grown company that manufactures riding gears for all the types of riders. With this helmet, you get multiple visors that allow a rider to switch between a clear to tinted vision easily. The inner pads and linear used in this helmet will keep you dry and the antimicrobial feature prevents any kind of odors to enter into your nostrils. YEMA has created an image of quality helmet providers through its phenomenal offerings at reasonable prices. This helmet can be considered as the best option for entry-level riders.

  • IV2 Modular

If you are into stylish motorcycle helmets that are durable and support Bluetooth connectivity then this helmet is the option for you. Everything installed in this helmet is assured to be the best quality material. With a flip feature that is triggered through the touch of a single button, it gives easy access to the interiors for the rider. Being made with perfection, this helmet along with using ABS plastic takes an extra step of reinforcing it with a strong resilient fiber. In terms of costing, this helmet offers a ridiculous number of features at an affordable, demanding and common cost.

These are some of the best helmets available in the market that guarantee protection along with connectivity while you ride. So, go plan that adventure trip already, and remember to drive safe.

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