Hero Electric Bikes Initiate Journey with Roads in Bangalore

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Hero Electric Bikes Initiate Journey with Roads in Bangalore

Electric Bikes and Motorcycles are an essential technology that needs to be utilized to their fullest potential. It is not only good for the environment but also safe on the streets. And Bangalore has become one of the premier cities to understand and slowly warm up to the idea of these battery-powered vehicles.

Anuradha Santosh, Proprietor of Hero Electric Varna Motors, Banashankari states that during the initial times, people were not familiar with the segregation of the rates but now they have been thoroughly informed and it has lead to increase in sales this year. She also added that before-hand customers had views about the vehicles being too costly but now they have started to understand the importance and benefits of these vehicles.

Hero Electric offers electric two-wheelers in two categories, Registration, and Non-Registration. The difference can be understood by a simple fact that the Non-registration vehicles are low in power and they can reach up to a top speed of 25kmph. The registration vehicles are much powerful and also exceed in range.

The Non-Registration category vehicles are offered in two variants, Flash and Optima. With Flash segment you get,

  1. Flash LA & Li – Both are lightweight electronic vehicles that work on a 250W BLDC Hub Motor and a 48V Battery. It can reach up to a top speed of 25kmph and can travel 50km on a single charge. It takes 8 hours for the vehicle to charge completely and is available with digital speedometer, LED Headlamp, and telescopic suspensions.

With Optima segment you come across-

  1. Optima LA & Li – Both the vehicles have the kerb weight around 86kg and work on a 250W BLDC Hub Motor. It has the battery capacity of 48V and requires 8hrs for the vehicle to completely charge. It can reach up to a top speed of 25kmph with the range of 50km.

The only difference between LA and Li models is that the Li models work on Lithium-ion batteries.

The Registration category vehicles are provided in three variants, Optima, Nyx, and Photon. Optima and Nyx consist of one vehicle whereas the Photon brings two vehicles for the customers.

  1. Optima ES – This vehicle is a bold and stylish 48V Lithium-ion battery-powered vehicle that is available with 600 & 1200W BLDC Hub Motor. It can reach up to a top speed of 40kmph covering a range of 55km on a single charge. It takes approximately 4hours for the vehicle to completely charge.
  2. Nyx E5 – It is a light and powerful vehicle that is built for sturdy rides. With some fascinating features that include bottle holder, foldable seat, pep switch and telescopic suspensions, this vehicle offers comfort and fashion while traveling. It can reach up to a top speed of 40kmph through 48V Lithium-ion battery and a BLDC Hub Motor available in 600 & 1200W variant. It takes about 4 hours for the vehicle to charge completely and can cover up to 50km in a single charge.
  3. Photon 72V – The Hero Photon 72V is the most powerful electric scooter offered by the company so far and can ride up to 80km in a single charge. With aerodynamic style, powerful motor, telescopic suspension and a remote lock with an anti-theft alarm, it is a vehicle for long rides. It works on a 72V Lithium-ion battery and can reach up to the top speed of 45kmph. It is available with 1200 & 1800W BLDC Hub Motor and takes 4-5 hours for a complete charge.
  4. Photon 48V – It is a less-powered vehicle of the photon segment and functions on a 48V battery and can reach up to 45kmph at once. The vehicle is available in two motors 1000W and 1500W making the reach of the vehicle up to 80kms on a single charge of 4-5 hours.

So, these are the variety of options made available by Hero Electric for the customers and the company has never forgotten adding a sense of style to these vehicles. With the use of these vehicles, Bangalore has started to bring a change in the lifestyle of the working Indian and the days are not far when the country will witness the trend of electric scooters in their daily routine. If you are wondering about the prices for these vehicles, let us tell you that these vehicles range between Rs. 40,000and Rs. 90,000, which is a great deal when there are such valuable benefits attached.

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