How to Figure Out If Your Car Requires a Tyre Change

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Tyre Change

How to Figure Out If Your Car Requires a Tyre Change

While driving a vehicle on the road, there are several points that we focus on just to ensure a safe driving experience. One of them involves regular tyre checkups and tyre change. Now, this might not seem like a compulsory activity, but it holds great significance.

Tyres are the base element of any vehicle due to which companies make them much more durable than they display. But even if the durability of these tyres is above the limit, you must keep a regular check on them to ensure the safety of your life.

There are several ways to figure out that your car requires a tyre change, but before that, let’s put some light on reasons that lead to a necessary tyre change.

  1. Of course, first factor is aging of the tyre which is very normal, but if you are trying to extend them beyond their life span, Happy Driving (pun intended).
  2. The second reason involves broad roads that reduce the grip of tyres making them weak.
  3. The third reason involves the alignment of tyres. If the tyres are aligned wrong, they might lead you to a dead-end without you even knowing about it.
  4. The fourth reason occurs due to overspeeding that eventually increases the temperature and affects tyres.
  5. The fifth reason includes excessive loads that reduce the grip on tyres and makes them weak.

So, there are plenty of reasons that might make you want to change tyres. Some of them can be dodged, but some can’t.

But, if you are wondering how to inspect and figure out that your car requires a tyre change, here are some points that will come in handy.

  • Air Pressure

Tyre Air pressure

When the life span of a tyre is complete, they are not able to hold on to the air pressure. If you encounter this problem and you have to fill up your car’s tyres again and again, you need to think about getting them changed altogether.

  • Check the Tread Wear

Tread wear is the element that gives grip and traction to tyres when you hit the road. There are two different ways through which you can measure them.

    • Through a tread depth gauge
    • With the tread wear indicator

You can go for any method that is easy for you but if you see the tread wear reduced below their level, you might prefer changing your tyres before your vehicle drives on its own.

  • Inspecting damages

Nowadays tubeless tyres are commonly used in vehicles, which reduces the hassle for drivers, but on the other hand, also makes them careless. If your vehicle sports tubeless tyres, you must keep a regular check on damages just to make sure you drive safely every time.

These are some of the problems that would help you gauge whether your vehicle needs a quick trip to the mechanic for a tyre change. The process of tyre changing might be a little off-the-line for customers but one thing is for sure, if you don’t do it, it might end up becoming a much bigger expense, ultimately damaging your vehicle, and possibly putting your life at risk as well.

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