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A Unique DIY Kit for Your Ducati Scrambler

By June 24, 2019 July 23rd, 2019 No Comments
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A Unique DIY Kit for Your Ducati Scrambler

Ducati India lifted the curtains off the Ducati Scrambler this year in April. It is a powerful off-road as well as an on-road machine in itself, but there is always a scope of improvement even for the best. The Fuoriluogo kit offered by the Unit Garage is the simplest way for this transformation. Being a café racer, Scrambler already has the looks to make you go crazy but it gets much better when you give it a retro look. The best part about these bolt-on kits? They bolt straight into the existing mounts without any kind of special modifications.

The DIY Fuoriluogo kit is available in two types, #1 Basic Kit and #2 Complete Kit. In the basic kit, you get a fuel tank, passenger bag, two side panels, and a rear frame cover. While in the complete kit, you get the high exhaust, rubber knee pads, side luggage rack, handlebar bumper, a canvas tool bad along with the basic kit accessories.

You also get to select the color of the tank between unpainted, Yellow, Dark Grey and Blue. The kit is made with perfection and with every detail kept in mind. It not only gives an attractive look to your monster but you also get better control when you mount it.

If we talk about the price for these kits, the basic kit would cost you about 2280 Euros (Approx. Rs. 1,80,781 excluding import duties). For the complete kit, you might need to spend 3817 Euros (Approx. Rs. 3,02,650 excluding import duties). The cost might be a bit high for these products but they have a price for a reason, this DIY kit gives your monster cool transformations and you get better handling over it as well.

While this was originally built for the Scrambler Desert Sled, it will fit on all Ducati Scrambler 800s.

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