Kokomo Car Dealers in Indiana

This is a dealership serving customers in Peru IN, Kokomo, Marion IN, Lafayette IN, Logansport, and Fishers IN. The dealership’s focus is on Honda and Toyota vehicles, with the availability of technicians who are well-versed in these vehicles.

Vehicle Inventory

The Kokomo Auto World inventory consists of both new and used vehicles. The vehicles are from Honda and Toyota. You can get new vehicles and new vehicle specials when shopping through the site.

If you intend to get a pre-owned vehicle, you can shop for the regular pre-owned cars or select one from the certified pre-owned vehicle inventory. There are certain benefits of choosing a certified pre-owned vehicle, such as: 

  • Model year restrictions
  • Vehicles go through road testing and multi-point service inspection
  • Mileage restrictions

Only vehicles that pass the strict testing benchmarks receive a certification.


Purchasing a car from Kokomo Auto World is easy – even if you require financing. Like with any vehicle purchase, you start the process by finding a vehicle you love and taking it on a test drive. Once you’re sure it’s the car you desire, you can go on to pick a financing option that will be beneficial to your needs.

The team at Kokomo offers an excellent customer experience that makes them great to work with. They will do their best to make the process as seamless as possible for you.

Financing Application

There are four steps to take when applying for financing on the Kokomo website. The first step is to provide your contact info. This is to make it easy for the company to contact you whenever they need to. This application can be for an individual or joint. 

The next step is the Applicant housing, where you need to input details such as your address, how long you have spent there, DOB, SSN/ITIN, your monthly mortgage payment, etc.

You will also need to fill in your employment details in the next step. This includes your time at the job, income source, and more. Finally, the last step is a review of your details. You will also need to accept the terms and conditions on this page. 

Once you complete the various steps, you can apply.

Payment Calculator

The payment calculator feature is useful for predetermining the amount you will need to pay monthly. This prevents you from taking a loan with interests that you cannot afford. However, the figures you get from the calculator is usually an estimate, so it may not be as accurate as you think. 

Market-Based Pricing

This is another feature available at Kokomo Auto World to ensure customers always get the best prices. Through the market-based pricing feature, Kokomo will perform research on all the dealerships around the location.

This research is necessary to determine how much you can get the car you select elsewhere. Using this research results, there will be an adjustment/alignment of the price to ensure Kokomo can provide the best deal.

This is one of the features they offer to ensure customers don’t have to visit other dealerships. With this feature, you can eliminate the time you spend searching the internet for the best deals, and let Kokomo Auto World handle it. 


There are various services customers can enjoy from this dealership. One of these is the No-obligation test drive. This is an option that makes it easier for individuals with tight schedules to assess a vehicle and take it for a spin.

All you need to do is provide your contact information and select a location to have your appointment. A vehicle specialist will get to the location with the car and give you the time you need to perform your inspections.

However, there is a distance and vehicle restriction in place on this feature. The benefit of this option is that you have time to relax while Kokomo Auto World does the serious work. 

Maintenance Service

You can also choose to schedule your next service online. Visiting the service center is an excellent idea since there are so many people with experience handling vehicles to put you at ease. If you go at the right time, you might be a part of the service promotions and specials from Kokomo Auto World.

Ordering Parts

When you need to replace a part on your vehicle, you don’t need to run around. You can let Kokomo Auto World handle it and save yourself some time.

The ease of ordering a part makes it possible for the repairs on vehicles to be done swiftly.

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