Krietz Motors in Frederick, MD

Krietz Auto is a company whose initial business was the delivery of concrete back in 1983. Since then, it has grown into one of the significant automobile services providers in the area.

Vehicle Sales

Like many auto shops in the country, you can also purchase vehicles from Krietz Auto. The cars available are certified pre-owned vehicles. These vehicles undergo a 125-point inspection process before receiving certification.

After getting a certification, the following processes are performed on the vehicles: 

  1. 4-wheel vehicle alignment
  2. Lubrication and adjustment of brakes
  3. Balancing of tires
  4. Carfax history report
  5. Exterior and interior detail

The cars also have a 3,000 mile/3 month warranty upon purchase. If you leave far away, there is a delivery option available for addresses within 200-300 miles. 

You can also trade-in or sell your vehicles to Krietz Auto. If you decide not to buy a vehicle, they will still purchase your car. Using the Kelley Blue Book, you can get a similar or better price than what other dealers are paying for your vehicle.

In calculating the instant cash offer for your vehicle, the following factors are considered: 

  • Historical trends
  • Local market influences
  • Your vehicle details
  • Regional differences
  • Demand and supply

Krietz Customs

This is a service that provides an aftermarket lift for your vehicle. The lifting process is performed in such a way that the quality of the car aligns with appropriate standards.  

You can get specialized tires and wheels for your SUVs, Jeeps, and trucks from Krietz Auto. There is also a 0% financing option on the aftermarket products.

Services Offered

There are several services available to you at Krietz Auto. Some of the services you can get include: 

  1. Key drop box
  2. Pay by phone
  3. Free pick up & drop off
  4. Text/phone updates

For other vehicle-related services, here is a brief look at what you can get:

Oil and Filter Change

There are different options when it comes to an oil change at Krietz Auto. You can choose to go for the basic, preferred, or performance option. The basic option is the routine maintenance that your vehicle requires.

With the preferred maintenance, you can get a longer oil change interval and BG lifetime protection. You also get the gold oil filter and reduced oil consumption. 

The performance option offers the various benefits of the preferred option, along with other benefits. You get the platinum oil filter instead, and it cleans the micro passageways present in the direct injection of gasoline engines.

Auto Detailing Service

The auto detailing service is crucial in maintaining and protecting your vehicle. This is a service that increases the life of the car. The importance of auto detailing is becoming apparent with the continuous increase in prices of vehicles. 

A considerable benefit of this service is the long-term money-saving potential of the action. There is a team of highly trained experts who will help with the auto detailing process. The service is available to SUVs, cars, and trucks.

Tire Rotation and Balance

If you need to move your tires around or intend to get new tires, you can get this service at Krietz Auto. When you install new tires, you need to check that everything is balanced. 

This service is available at the dealership, and you can also get a wheel alignment service. There is a team of experts who are there to help you make this process seamless. 

The tire brands available at Krietz Auto are some of the most popular, and there is one to fit your needs. With names such as Pirelli, Nitto, and Toyo, it doesn’t matter if you need off-road or winter tires, your needs will be met. 

Other services you can get include: 

  1. Wheel Alignment
  2. Belt and hose replacements
  3. Air conditioning and heating repairs
  4. Exhaust repair
  5. Ignition system repair and maintenance
  6. Brake repair and service
  7. Axle replacement
  8. Computer diagnostics

If you don’t see a service you require on the list, you can visit the Krietz Auto website or contact them via telephone. 

You can schedule a service on the website by providing your phone number, after which they will send reminders. 


If you need to get a car through financing, this option is open to you at Krietz Auto. You have the option of submitting a credit application or getting a KBB instant cash offer.

A payment calculator is present on the website to help you get an idea of your monthly payments on any financing option you select. 

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