Lakeway Auto Sales & Car Lot Morristown TN

Lakeway Auto is one of the leading automotive service companies that specialize in the sale of vehicles of different brands for both personal and commercial purposes. The company has carved a niche for itself in the automobile industry, working tirelessly to ensure it only provides the highest quality products. 

About Lakeway Auto

For almost 30 years since its operation, Lakeway Auto has continued to give its customers the best experience. The company is located in Tennessee and hopes to bring the best car deals to residents of Knoxville, Greenville, Morristown and Johnson City, expected to outlast another 30 years.

Lakeway Auto and Customer Satisfaction 

Lakeway recognizes the peculiar needs of its customers. To that effect, it takes the utmost care to specially pick out top-of-the-range car brands that meet the highest standards. This attention to detail not only sets them apart from the competition but helps to establish a scorecard of class and prestige.

Established in 1991, Lakeway Auto is a customer-focused brand that makes the sale and purchase of vehicles as easy and seamless as possible. It has gone out of its way since inception to achieve this. Lakeway Auto is also synonymous with excellence, which is why 65% of its recorded sales always come from long-term customers. Currently, the company boasts over 30,000 clients since its founding.

At the heart of Lakeway Auto’s philosophy is customer satisfaction. This it makes sure of immediately a customer steps in the front door up until a deal is concluded.  This makes for a pleasure-filled experience for all its customers in the long run. 

As a reliable brand, it exists every given day to make sure that each customer gets value for their money. Lakeway Auto looks towards a meaningful partnership and long-term relationship with all its prospective customers in and around Tennessee. 

Lakeway Auto and the Community 

Lakeway Auto strives to be a socially responsible brand and has achieved this through a couple of community give-back initiatives to its host communities. Some organizations that have benefitted from Lakeway Auto’s acts of goodwill include Boys and Girls Club United Way, and Young Life, to name a few.

As a committed service delivery brand, Lakeway Auto is always open to customer criticism and feedback. This helps them improve on the many ways of serving their customers better. 

What Do They Offer?

They Have A Vehicle for Every Need

One great thing that makes Lakeway Auto stand out from the pack is variety. The company has been able to torque its car products to suit the taste of its dynamic consumer base. Lakeway Auto offers a wide range of design options, models, and colors to match our client’s peculiar needs and ensure compatibility. 

This ambiguous feature of its product designs has made them very aesthetically pleasing and has become quite the catch for many of the potential customers who visit the company’s showroom.

Lakewood has more than 100 automobiles on display. This is one of the largest collections of any kind in the Tennessee and Morristown area. Whatever it is, be it an SUV, sports sedan, to a family-size truck for that long road trip, Lakeway Auto got its customers covered. Its vehicles are also quite affordable and, as a brand, offer great rates for customers. 

They Give You the Lakeway Promise

Doing business with Lakeway offers customers the Lakeway Promise. This includes the extra pecks such as priority maintenance schedule, 12-month warranty, car loan programs, and complementary car-washes.

Lakeway Auto has, over the years, earned a lot of respect and awards from various entities to include the People’s Choice Best Used Car Dealer, which it has clinched consecutively for 19 years. It is also the recipient of the 2019 Morristown Area of Commerce Retail Small Business of the Year.

Your Choice For Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Lakeway Auto is also an expert in the sale of fairly-used vehicles. Because of its knack for quality, customers are assured of getting the best deals, and not worry about spending money on a bad product. Lakeway Auto makes sure of a 12,000-mile, 12-month warranty on all its used automobiles, which covers transmission, engine, and thorough 85-point inspection.

Funding for All Credit Situations

As part of its corporate responsibility, Lakewood Auto makes it easy for customers to make purchases on a great credit plan. It has robust partnerships with some of the best credit-lending houses in Tennessee, to give their customers the best lending rates. The whole process is made as seamless as possible, and funding can be done online at the customer’s convenience. 

Another great feature of the Lakeway Auto brand is its trade-in options, which enable customers to make trade-ins of old purchases for newer ones.

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