Land Rover Defender: The New Monster Ready to Rule the Roads

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Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender: The New Monster Ready to Rule the Roads

As the Land Rover recently unveiled the new 2020 Defender in the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019, enthusiasts have been blown away with the amazing capabilities of the car. The car will be available in two sizes – the three-door Defender 90 and the five-door Defender 110. But defender’s possibilities go way beyond just doors.

The new 2020 Land Rover Defender preserves its boxy shape from the older version. On the inside, the monster is loaded with a regular range of technology that includes digital displays, touch-sensitive knobs, and overall layout.

Once you have a proper look at the Defender, the concept of giving Discovery a soft perspective starts making sense. Many people questioned why Land Rover softened the Discovery a few years back. The answer is out now with the aggressive entry of the Defender. With perfectly designed body and short overhangs, Defender promises redoubtable off-road performance and can wade through 900m of water.

No Shortage of Options

The 90 is a three-door option, which means it gets two doors at the front and one door at the back. To access the mid-row of seats, the front seats are foldable and the rear door mounts a spare wheel giving functional boot space in the vehicle.

The 110 gets a five-door arrangement where you have the option of 5+2 seat arrangement or you can just add up an additional seat to carry eight. With the 5 seat option, you get a boot space of 1075litres and once folded, you get 2380litres of boot space in the 110.

The Defender will also have a range of trims – Defender, S, SE, HSE & Defender X. Defender X includes wooden interiors that would just make you fall in love with it. Along with the trims, there will also be a range of packs that would involve explorer, adventure and country fit.

Monstrous Strength

Currently, there are updates about two diesel engines – both 2-litre offering 197Hp and 236Hp. The 197Hp engine would reach from 0-100 in just 10.3 seconds whereas, the 236Hp engine will do the same in just 8.1 seconds. With an 8-speed gearbox and twin-speed transmission, Defender is able to fulfill every need with ease.

The Land Rover designed the 2020 Defender with the motive of providing ultimate power in a compact machine suitable for every millennial. It will surely be comforting to look at this monster on the streets. But what will happen when it will be put to test on different terrains? It will remain a question until we see the true power of the Defender.


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