List of Best Tyres for Rainy Season

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Tires for Rainy Season

List of Best Tyres for Rainy Season

India is a country that experiences several seasons and weather patterns, making it an ideal location for tours and holidays. Currently, the country is witnessing its famous monsoons, one that is considered as the best for travel across myriad regions.

And to make trips more memorable, people often opt to take out their own vehicles for a joy ride. After all, who wouldn’t want to drive in the rains? But, the rainy season in India also brings several obstructions on roads, which can be dangerous or fatal if you do not pay attention to the vehicle you are driving.

Companies across the globe offer several advanced security features, but they will be of no use until the tyres of your vehicle are not suitable for wet roads. Today, we are providing you with a list of tyres that are best suited for different types of rains. Summer tyres are best for rainy conditions when the weather is warm but in cold weather, they might quickly lose their abilities. Similarly, winter tyres are best for the cold weather, and all-season tyres offer great traction in every season. So, which tire should you select for your vehicle? Find out in this list of best tyres for rain driving.

  • Michelin Primacy MXV4

We start with the all-season tire at first just for the simple fact that driving conditions in India are really tough. You may come across muddy routes, bumps and other obstacles in the parts that are located on the hilly areas. In the list of best tyres, Michelin MXV4 all-season tyres reserve the first place equipped with Advanced MaxTouch Construction that offers excellent wet traction throughout its lifetime. Being enriched with independent intermediate blocks, notched shoulders and continuous center ribs, the MXV4 is a real champion during warm rainy as well as the cold rainy season. It is also helpful in short braking distances and offers great control for the rider. Offering 96,560 km guarantee, these tyres are perfect for touring vehicles such as SUVs and MUVs.

  • Continental PremiumContact 6

Continental PremiumContact 6

These tyres are a perfect fit for warmer climates and are hence, suitable for warm rainy conditions. If you plan to visit places like Delhi or Punjab where the rain falls amidst little sunshine, these are the tyres that you must select. Offering responsive handling in wet conditions, great traction on wet roads and grip to stop in short distances, these tyres will help you in using the vehicle more freely and give the liberty of using the throttle as per your choice.

  • Bridgestone Blizzak WS80

So, here we have the best tire suitable for cold rainy conditions. These tyres overtake all other competitors when it shortens down to offering excellent grip, traction, better braking, and easy handling. With Hydrophilic coating, these tyres can be felt while driving in the rainy season. If you are planning a visit to Jammu & Kashmir where there is a little bit of snow on the road, install these tyres in your vehicle as with the Multi-cellular compound and Nano Pro-Tech, the tyres stay soft and pliable regardless of the temperatures. The only con with the WS80, it gets out of shape in longer runs during warm level temperature.

  • BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

For all the adventurers, we haven’t forgotten you. We understand the fun and excitement of travelling in high terrain areas during the rainy season, which is why we have listed T/A KO2 in our list. These tyres are a perfect companion for SUVs as they offer amazing service in almost every driving scenario. It might not perform great on regular roads since they are specially designed for off-road driving. They offer a balanced combination of dry and wet traction on pavement and perform extremely well in muddy areas. Offering 80000kms of tread life warranty, they are a great choice if you are planning a trip to places with high terrain.

So what are you, a frequent traveller, a jungle lover or a person with desires to explore the concrete side of the nation? No matter which kind of travel you like, this rainy season choose your tyres wisely.

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