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List of Top Heavy Duty Trucks in India

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Heavy Duty Trucks

List of Top Heavy Duty Trucks in India

If you have ever travelled around India, you must be aware of the driving conditions in the country. Being a truck driver in such conditions is possibly one of the most challenging tasks. To carry out commute on such routes, one has to be precise with their driving skills and they also have to be alert at all times just to ensure the safety of the goods. Even more so, the trucks being driven require some serious attention to the performance, safety, and features for a safe and comfortable commute.

To resolve such a crisis, truck companies came up with Heavy Duty Trucks that are a perfect blend of performance and heavy payload. There are a variety of such monsters available in the market, but some of them are a creation of a decade.

So, here we have the list of heavy-duty trucks that you might want to know about.

  • Mahindra Truxo 31 – 202

Mahindra Truxo 31 – 202

This monster from Mahindra & Mahindra sports the most valiant m-Power engine allowing the vehicle to generate power over 200bhp. It comes equipped with multi-axles and high-grade technology that provides comfort to the driver while carrying heavy loads with ease. It is designed to conquer to terrains of India and the power of the truck is accurate transporting for goods, livestock, and vehicles.

  • Tata LPT 3723

Tata LPT 3723

Tata LPT 3723 is listed among some of the most powerful machines in this segment and can carry 4.5-tonne of payload with ease. It sports a Cummin 6BT engine and generates power of 155bhp. It is a 5axle truck that comes at decent pricing with enough power to carry hefty loads.

  • Eicher Pro 6000

Eicher Pro 6000

The trucks offered by Eicher are known for their limitless power and decent looks under an affordable price segment. Eicher Pro 6000 is one of the trendsetters from the brand and the engine of the vehicle is manufactured in collaboration with Volvo. This engine has the power to generate 200bhp providing impressive results that are much better on the challenges that are thrown by Indian roads.

  • Isuzu IS12T

Isuzu IS12T

The Isuzu IS12T is equipped with the strength of a Japanese engine and a 6-speed gearbox generating 150bhp. It is a real monster when it comes to commuting loads of goods and with the name and reliability of Isuzu, this truck shows a great impact on the way one can manipulate the Indian terrains. It can be hills, off-road delivery, daily busy route, or clean highway, this truck performs according to the terrain.

  • Ashok Leyland U 3718

Ashok Leyland U 3718

The Ashok Leyland U 3718 is listed among some of the most popular trucks that come with a customizable feature and have chassis attached to the cabin as standard. This truck is equipped with all the necessary features that would offer comfort, safety, and power at the same time. It comes with features like ABS for the air brakes, parking brakes, fog lights, tubeless tires, seat belts, and hill hold assists. It also sports semi-elliptic multi-leaf at both the ends. It is designed to commute really heavy loads and the chassis under cabin just makes it very easy for this vehicle to perform its work.

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