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Manual or Automatic, What’sYour Car Preference?

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Manual or Automatic

Manual or Automatic, What’sYour Car Preference?

As India’s ability to purchase cars grows every year, the amount of traffic roads see is also all set to rise. Although in cities we are immune to high waves of traffic, there comes a time when a person sitting behind the wheel gets irritated seeing the ever-growing tide of cars stuck from one end to the other. Top that with the need to switch gears and have our feet constantly on the pedal, the experience of driving on Indian roads becomes all the more frustrating.

But thanks to automatic cars, driving has become much easier for those who don’t enjoy constant gear shifts. But this does not mean the manual vehicles must be boycotted. The swag of manual vehicles is completely different and they have their own fan niche. But now, the question arises, which type of vehicle to choose that best suits your needs?

Automatic Vehicles

Automatic vehicles include an automatic transmission that eradicates the hassle of continuous pedaling on the clutch but this can’t be the only reason that makes it preferable. So what does?

Well, first of all, automatic vehicles do not involve a shifting gearbox rather it has a smooth transmission in 4 different modes. This makes it easy to drive as you do not have to maintain the momentum in between 5 gears and a reverse. The only thing you need to remember,

Park – P

Reverse – R

Neutral – N

Drive – D

Secondly, you do not require any kind of clutch so you just have to select between two pedals, i.e. Acceleration & Brake.

Third and most Effective, When you are in traffic and you are surrounded by heavy traffic, automatic transmission makes it very easier to cope up with traffic and drive with safety.

Fourth, these vehicles are easier to drive when compared to vehicles with manual transmission.

Fifth, In comparison to manually transmitted vehicles, these vehicles give a smooth ride as they have a little less power and torque generation capability.

Last but not least, the vehicles with automatic transmission are less likely to fail in gear shifting. Moreover, they also add up to the fuel economy since they consume less power and wastage of fuel does not happen too much.

But it is not always good to have an automatic vehicle as these vehicles have drawbacks, too.

Being an automatic car, they are very expensive to buy so if you have a tighter budget, they might not be a smart choice for you.

Secondly, these vehicles can be a bit boring to drive since you are not left with much to do. The only thing you do is handle the vehicle and select any one paddle from the two you have at your disposal.

So, if you are a customer who believes in comfort and less amusement while driving, automatic vehicles are the best choice for you. But, if you are into feeling the thrill of driving, you might want to select a manual vehicle. There are several advantages and disadvantages of driving a manual vehicle as well.

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Manual Vehicle

As per the name suggests, manual vehicles are the ones that consist of a gearbox with 6 or 7 gear transmissions. The best thing about driving a manual vehicle is that you get more control over the vehicle when compared to automatic vehicles.

Secondly, they are very cheap when it comes to maintenance along with cheaper rates.

We have always seen movies like Fast and the Furious which pumps up that adrenaline in our body whenever we sit in a car with manual transmission. So, if you are the person who loves to feel the thrill while driving then, manual vehicles are the ones that will give you a more engaging driving experience and thrill.

In case, your vehicle gets any kind of internal problem, it is very easy to fix them.

But most of all, they are the best vehicles to learn driving as they involve all the basics of driving such as gear shifting, presence of mind while selecting the pedal.

But what about the cons of manual transmission?

While being in traffic, the engagement criteria can be very problematic and can also cause leg ache.

Secondly, it is not too safe as there are chances of miss-conception in between pedals which may lead to an unfortunate accident.

So, measuring the pros and cons of both the transmission, it can be said that both are effective as well as efficient. Now, it’s your turn to choose which one makes you more happy and puts you at ease.

Sarthak Moghe

Sarthak Moghe

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