Markosian Auto Sales in Ogden Taylorsville UT

Markosian Auto specializes in getting a car of your choice for you at an affordable price. They also give credit facilities to their customers at the best interest rate ever. They do this through partnerships with top banks and credit organizations.

The amount of credit you get depends on your credit score, and the company organizes the best credit plan according to your credit score. Provided that you have a Utah driver’s license and ready to pay at least $400 weekly, you can visit them and pick a car from their collection. You don’t have to worry because these cars have been tested and examined by experts. You can enjoy all of these benefits at a whopping interest rate of 20% – a great deal!

Apart from the services rendered, some other benefits are involved when you patronize them. Below are some of these benefits.

What Makes Them Unique?

Low-Interest Credit Facility

Markosian Auto does its very best to find a perfect loan plan for its clients. With a partnership bond with top banks and credit unions like America first, Capital One and Wells Fargo and all local credit unions, they will arrange a credit plan that will be convenient for you.  

If the banks and local credit unions, couldn’t actualize a loan plan for you, the company can finance you at a low-interest rate and conditions.

Selection Processes For Vehicles

The company boasts of a wide selection of latest car models. They also have various models of SUVs and trucks available for heavy-duty jobs. They explore every available car deal, be it rental or auction, and investigate each deal well enough to satisfy their clients.

They also take their time to search for great deals on fleet inventory and lease return inventory. This is because they value every prospective customer, and they don’t want a bad car for them just because they’re buying on credit. Their prices are friendly, and if you want more details and prices of vehicles, you can browse their inventory.

Great Customer Service

Every individual that has been involved in a deal with the Markosian Auto staff has always left a positive remark about how they have been treated. Because it’s what they love to do – to make clients happy with their automobiles, they go extra miles to satisfy clients’ automobile needs. 

Reviews are also there, and these are just a reflection of how they have been fairing. A Google review even says that everyone believes that they provide excellent service, and the service rendered is as good as it gets. Would you rather check out what other people are saying on Google review and see for yourself? 

Discounts on Car Repairs and Maintenance

Markosian Auto also deals in the repair and maintenance of your car. They don’t just get you a car and leave you to its maintenance. They carry out a scheduled maintenance check on your vehicles, and you can enjoy discounts on service charges. If you are a loyal customer to Markosian Auto, you can also enjoy an oil change service for free to appreciate their customers. Just bear in mind that they’ll always be there for you for long, even after you’ve got a car of your choice from them.

Fast Service Delivery

They at Markosian Auto know that time is an essential tool in every dealing, their staffs render services in the shortest time possible. They will log you in and out as soon as you walk through their doors. So, you can surely visit them for some quick fix and still meet up with your appointment.

Great Customer Support 

Markosian Auto has amazing customer support. Their customer care experts are available to help you out 24/7. All you need to do is reach out via telephone or email, and an experienced customer care representative would get to you. They understand the importance of a good relationship and go all out to ensure al customers are satisfied. 


You can always get the best car deals at Markosian Auto in three easy steps

  • Quick qualify, of which you can check if you qualify for their loan options
  • Choose a vehicle, where you’ll browse through their inventory to view some approved car deals
  • Test Drive, of which you can call to book a date for your test drive.

If you are qualified after going through these simple steps, you can then drive home a new car and then pay for it later.

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