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MG Hector Vs Tata Harrier: Collision of Two Beasts

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MG Hector Vs Tata Harrier

MG Hector Vs Tata Harrier: Collision of Two Beasts

2019 has witnessed some amazing launches in the automobile industry. It is really good to know that automobile companies from all around the world have understood the potential of Indian customers to launch some of their best creations in this market. Two such creations, the MG Hector and Tata Harrier have taken the industry by storm. The two beasts are the real deal for customers who derive their thrill from driving around SUVs.

Let’s take a look into these massive machines running on the streets.

Tata Harrier from its launch date has dominated the market in terms of safety, power, comfort, luxury, space, and speed. Available in 5, as well as 7-seater form, it has got plenty of space especially for the families in India. MG Hector, the recently launched SUV had to be precise before its launching for competing with such a dominant product. Did Morris Garages design the correct product? Let’s see.

Launched in Jan 2019 Harrier has been the most promising model from the company yet. Based on the OMEG-ARC Platform or the Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced Architecture platform, the product is powerful, comfortable and costs less as it involves the use of cheaper materials and components. Harrier is enriched with optimized torsional and bending stiffness which gives the rider a better driving experience.

Developed by British manufacturers, MG Hector gains attraction from its contouring lines and rugged style statement. The main attractive feature of the MG Hector can be considered as the AI that gives proper assistance to the rider making the experience more engaging and comfortable. It is an assistance feature that reduces the efforts of the rider and no one can deny, it is a cool feature. A car that talks to you!

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  • Engines Ready

Hector and Harrier are both really powerful SUVs launched in India. Both the mammoth vehicles generate power from the 1956 cc displacement engine, through which MG Hector generates power output of 168bhp whereas Tata Harrier carrying 2.0-liter KRYOTEC engine, generates 138bhp of power. Both vehicles are enriched with 6-speed manual transmission creating a torque of 350Nm through their diesel engine.

Unfortunately, there is no petrol engine variant for the Harrier. Maybe because the power produced is too much or Tata believes in giving an old-school touch to the product. MG Hector gets 1451cc displacement in the petrol variant that generates power output of 141bhp, creating 250Nm of torque. This variant is available in 6-speed automatic transmission and manual transmission.

So, in terms of power, we can say that both the monsters are almost equal but can we decide a winner just by engine power. We don’t think so!

  • Key Features

Special features are the ones that make a vehicle stand out in the crowd. To establish the product, it is very important that companies bring out unique features that not only attract the customers but they also enhance their driving experience.

Neither of the brands is behind in impressing their customers with special features that make these two models different from the league.

MG Hector attracts customers with special features like-

MG Hector

  • Internet Connectivity with OTA Updates

It is the first car in this segment that avails car internet connectivity through a SIM card. It also helps MG to provide OTA or Over The Air software updates for Hector along with Geo-fencing. The Geo-fencing alerts the owner of the vehicle when the car leaves an area pre-assigned by the owner.

  • 48V Mild-Hybrid Technology

One can get the 48V Mild-Hybrid Technology system with the petrol variant. It has helped MG with a 12% improvement in mileage and it also results in a reduction in emission when compared to the standard model.

  • 10.4-inch HD Touchscreen

The 10.4-inch touchscreen is the largest infotainment system available in this segment. It displays a 360-degree parking camera and a built-in navigation system.

  • Front and Rear LED lights with Dynamic Indicator

MG Hector is considered as the first car in this segment to feature LED headlights, tail-lights, and rear fog lights. It also sports turn indicators that are integrated into the ORVMs.

  • Three-point Seat belts

MG Hector is the first car in the segment that offers three-point seatbelts for all 5 occupants.

  • Front Parking Sensors

MG Hector gets front parking sensors along with the rear ones which ultimately reduces the hassle of parking.

  • Powered Co-driver Seat

Hector never stops amazing the industry. With its powered co-driver seat, it has again provided something much more in this segment. While the driver seat is adjustable on six ways, co-driver seats can be adjusted in 4 different ways.

  • Powered Tailgate

How cool is that? You can open the tailgate of this vehicle with just push of a button.

Tata Harrier has some other plans for its customers-


Tata Harrier

With Tata Harrier, you get all the segment standard features on the outside as well on the inside.

  • LED Daytime running headlights

A monster, whose eyes glow in the dark as well as in the daytime and consumes a normal amount of fuel – now that’s a winner.

  • HID Xenon Headlamps

These headlamps provide a better vision in the night.

  • Height-Adjustable Driver Seat

Tata Harrier is a pretty big car if we think about the segment which it belongs to. To make the customers comfortable in the vehicle, TATA offers height adjustable seats for your better sight.

  • Keyless Entry

Now, riders don’t have to get worried about the key while getting into the vehicle as you can just keep the key in your pocket and enter the vehicle.

  • Auto Climate Mode

Harrier understands comfort for its drivers. With the auto climate feature, Harrier measures the climate inside and outside the vehicle and keeps a pleasant temperature while you ride.

  • Terrain Drive Modes

This is the most amazing feature of Tata Harrier. It may lack an all-wheel-drive layout but it provides several driving modes: normal, wet and rough. These modes can be set according to the condition of the route and it helps in reducing accidents and mishaps on the roads.


Other than these key features, you will find other normal features in both the cars such as airbags, ABS, hill assist, brake assist and so on. So, both the monsters are not only powerful but they are also enriched with the features that would make the ride of the customers easy, comfortable and entertaining.

Tata Harrier and MG Hector, both are powerful monsters built to rule the streets with their power, features, and specifications. Though these models are great competitors among themselves, it is you now who must select the best beast of the two.


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