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Most Iconic Modified Maruti 800 in India

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modified maruti 800

Most Iconic Modified Maruti 800 in India

Maruti 800 has been the car of an era that lived a long and memorable life. It was also the first front-wheel-drive vehicle to hit the Indian automobile market and was discontinued as a legend in the year 2014. It had several benefits back in times along with impressive mileage. The car was launched in the 1980s but it can still be seen on the roads whether in its original form or with some customizations. It was considered as the vehicle for the middle class with a capacity of 5 people and the 800cc engine.

Today, we are sharing some great modifications of this legend Maruti 800 which are impressive and attractive.

  • The Custom Kit

The Custom Kit maruti 800

The custom kit is very rare nowadays as it was the first-generation Maruti 800 which was recognized as the SS80 in India. Though this design is history it still carries the same attraction. With round headlamps and dark front theme, this mode uses 13-inch alloy wheels adding a beautiful stance to the vehicle.

  • Kit Up

Kit Up

The Kit up modification is one among the most famous body kits. It involves a new customized bumper, an underbody spoiler, and integrated fog lamps. The original grille of the vehicle is replaced by the mesh grille and the rear side also gets some updates with a customized bumper and small roof-mounted spoiler.

  • Convertible

Convertible Maruti 800

The Convertible version has always been looked like a feature of a sports car but some modification experts just changed the meaning of convertibles by customizing Maruti Suzuki 800. It is positioned on the flared wheel arches with side skirts, alloy wheels with black treatment, a tail lamp and some boot space with luggage rack. To increase the attraction of this vehicle, it features a dual exhaust tip on the rear.

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  • Red Hot

As the name suggests, it is a red-coloured Maruti 800 which is convertible but has a different type of design. With a few changes in the seat covers, bumpers and body, it looks attractive but stays different from the convertible version. But the most impressive feature, the vehicle cannot be recognized as Maruti Suzuki 800 at once.

  • Golf-Inspired


Volkswagen Golf is no doubt is an amazing vehicle and when Maruti Suzuki 800 gets a taste of this amazing mode, the vehicle becomes recognizable when customized with flared fenders and raised suspension. It also sports round headlamps and a Golf-style grille.

  • Scissor Doors

Scissor Doors

The scissor doors are one of the most attractive functions of any sports car. But what happens when they are inserted in Maruti Suzuki 800? They just give the vehicle a funky look which is unique and different in the crowd.

So, these are some of the most recognizable Maruti Suzuki 800 customizations that you can see on the streets. They make the vehicle different and unique giving the legend some looks to still be alive in the Indian automobile industry.

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