Poquet Auto Sales in Golden Valley MN

Poquet Auto has been in existence since 1987. Since its inception, it has helped lots of drivers purchase the exact car they have always wanted to drive. So long automobiles are concerned, if you are looking to have a smooth shopping experience, Poquet Auto can make this happen.

Although Poquet auto is not the only firm that is into the sale of automobiles in its region, it stands out from other firms because of its stress-free process. You do not have to go through any form of stress before buying an automobile with this firm. Starting from the showroom to the point where financial paperwork has to be given attention, you are certainly going to enjoy a smooth ride.

There are no hidden moves. With Poquet auto, the process of shopping for automobiles is very plain. Beyond just offering buyers a smooth process, Pouquet’s affordable prices, excellent customer service, and efficiency are some of its strong selling points. Due to what it offers customers, they have no choice but to keep returning wherever they want to purchase an automobile.

Poquet Auto Offers a Vast Range of Vehicles

When shopping for a vehicle at Poquet auto, you are not limited in the choices you can make as this firm offers its clients a broad range of SUVs, trucks, and cars from some of the most famous vehicle manufacturing firms. Some of these models are Audi, Infiniti, Lexus, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, BMW, etc. Going by this, it really does not matter what type of car you are interested in. A top-performing SUV, or a good looking sedan, Poquet autos has got you covered.

You Will Get the Best Quality

Pouquet auto might be famous for having various car brands in its stock. That, however, is not all that it has to offer. You can be sure every vehicle you get at Pouquet auto is of top quality. The reason for this is it handpicks every vehicle it sells. In addition to this, every vehicle goes through a series of detailed tests before being certified for sale.

Present in Pouquet autos are expert technicians that take out time to go through every vehicle that is up for sale. Beyond ensuring these vehicles look good on the outside, they also pay a lot of attention to what they look like inside. This way, they make sure only the right vehicles make it to the showroom. 

Poquet Provides Financing Services

When you visit Poquet autos and spot a car you want to own, the next thing you might want to think of is financing. While some people might not have any issues with financing, a good number of people might struggle a bit with financing.

If you are not sure how to finance the vehicle you are planning to get, Pouquet autos can help you come up with a payment plan.

After selecting a car at Poquet auto’s showroom, you are sure you will be enjoying some of the best finance alternatives as this firm takes it upon itself to link its customers to great financing alternatives.

 It does not matter what your credit situation is like, Poquet autos will work hand in hand with you until you get the right opportunity. Poquet has a good relationship with some of the finest financial institutions in the land. You, therefore, can be sure you will be enjoying the best financial service.

Car Repair Services

After buying a car from Poquet autos, the relationship does not have to end. The reason is this firm also offers car maintenance and repair services. If you live around the Golden Valley and you are looking to service your vehicle, Poquet autos is one place you should consider visiting. It does not matter if you bought your vehicle at a different car shop.


Poquet Auto has two locations. Beyond just having two locations, these locations are convenient and can help you have access to this auto firm whenever a need arises. There are lots of destinations to get cars. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a destination that you can trust to offer you affordable and top quality automotive services, this firm is one you can trust.

It does not matter what your car model is, you can get the best form of servicing at Poquet autos. This is regardless of where you purchased your car. That’s not all. Poquet only makes use of top-quality OEM parts.

If you find yourself around Lakeville or Golden valley, feel free to drive in and service your car.

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