Prestman Automotive Dealers in Salt Lake City, Utah

Three individuals founded Prestman Auto back in 1989. Jason Olsen, Shaun Olsen, and Cory Olsen founded the dealership to be a family operated and owned business. The original location was in Salt Lake City, Utah, and it currently has two locations in Utah. 

Prestman Auto is a dealership that offers used cars, SUVs, and trucks for sale at a low price. Among the numerous dealerships in Utah, Prestman has the highest rating. This rating is one of the reasons many individuals can shop at the dealership with confidence. 

The sales staff at Prestman Auto are all experienced in the field and will go out of their way to share their knowledge with you. Their enthusiastic nature is one of the qualities that will put your mind at ease when you visit the shop.  

Finding the Right Vehicle

Prestman Auto encourages customers to pay a visit to their website to make use of the online inventory to find cars. The inventory is divided into different sections to make it easy to use. 

You can choose to go through all inventory items or find sweet deals on the website. There is also the option of filtering the inventory by the make of the vehicle. When searching for cars by make, you can use any of the following options:

  1. Ford inventory
  2. Subaru inventory
  3. Cadillac inventory
  4. Mazda inventory
  5. Toyota inventory

You can also use to search based on the body style of the vehicle. The various body styles available are as follows: 

  • Sedans
  • Hatchbacks
  • SUVs
  • Trucks


Like with many other dealerships, Prestman Auto offers customers the option of applying for finance. This is a way to ensure you have enough money for your different needs while paying for the car you want.  

All you need to do is fill the form on the website to get the finance you need. There is also a payment calculator on the site that you can use to determine how much monthly payment you need to make to complete the vehicle payment in good time.

Buy Back Program

Prestman Auto engages in a buyback program through which it purchases a title, branded, salvaged, or rebuilt cars from customers. To sell your car through this program, you must first fill a form online or call the dealership to schedule a time for an appraisal.  

Upon arrival on the scheduled date, you will meet one of the appraisers at the dealership. The appraisal typically takes around 30-45 minutes. When the appraisal is complete, you get a price the dealership is willing to pay. 

If you accept the offer, you will receive your payment that same day. 

Referral Program

Prestman Auto allows customers to earn money through its referral program. For every friend you refer who purchases from Prestman Auto, you receive $100. To obtain this money, there is a form you must fill before your visit to the dealership. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is salvage?

Salvage is a vehicle that was purchased from an insurance company. It is a vehicle that the insurance company obtains due to a claim in which the repair estimate exceeds 50-75% of the car’s actual value. These vehicles are written off as a total loss by the insurance company. 

Some salvage vehicles are often a result of repossession after a theft case, so they may not need repairs. 

What is the Rebuilt Title? 

This is a salvage vehicle that has undergone repairs and restoration at the workshop of a professional. Before such vehicles are accepted, they must pass the Utah Safety & Emissions test, after which it can be registered. 

Is there room for independent inspection on a vehicle? 

Yes, Prestman Auto allows customers to perform an independent inspection of a vehicle before purchase. Numerous agencies offer these services, and you can reach out to any of them.  

What is the Dealer Documentary fee? 

This is a fee that you need to pay for the preparation and processing of documents when you decide to purchase a vehicle. Part of this fee is used for your vehicle registration at the DMV, and collection of license plates.  

How do I drive back home when I purchase out of state? 

Customers who come from out of state will get a 45-day temporary license from the dealership. This will enable you to drive back home despite the on-going re-titling process. This will allow you to register in your state, and also make the process faster.

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