Revolt to Launch India’s First Electric Motorcycle on 18 June

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Revolt 400

Revolt to Launch India’s First Electric Motorcycle on 18 June

We have always heard about AI being implanted in automobiles, whether it is a bike or a car, and it has always made us wonder how soon we’ll be able to see some of these advanced automobile technologies on Indian roads.

Well, the wait is over.After being introduced to hybrid cars with AI, now it is time for electric bikes. Revolt Intellicorp, a brand founded by Micromax CEO Rahul Sharma is all set to launch India’s first electric motorcycle.

The bike will feature a sporty look that is thought to be an inspiration from Ducati DRL. It will also be enriched with Upside-down Front Forks and a mono suspension for better ride and comfort. Mono-Suspension also makes the ride smoother for the owner. Attractive Alloy wheels are another eye-catcher in this motorcycle and it will available in a dual disc brake. The product will be based on a belt drive that will allow smooth functioning and shifting of gears.

About the Machinery

The motorcycle will feature a 4.5KW Electric motor and a 45 Amp Controller. The Electric bike is suspected to compete in the 125cc segment and will reach up to the top speed of Kmph. Once charged, it will travel the distance of 156Km and will generate enough power to complete daily riding necessities.

Electric Bike

First AI-Enabled motorcycle

Who would have thought about an AI-enabled motorcycle but Revolt Intellicorp has made that possible. The Electric Bike will be assisted with AI or Artificial Intelligence feature which has the smartness to understand the riding style of the owner and optimize the range accordingly. It will also make space for a 4G LTE sim which will help in Over the Air (OTA) updates for this motorcycle. Currently, the price of this invention is estimated up to Rs. 1.20 Lakhs, but that’s a fair deal when you get to set the voice of exhaust.

Yes, with this bike owners will have the facility of setting sound for the exhaust and make it loud or subtle according to their choice. To learn more about the concept of changing exhaust voice, stay tuned to our website.

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