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What are RV300 and RV400 Up to? Let’s Take a Look

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RV300 and RV400

What are RV300 and RV400 Up to? Let’s Take a Look

Revolt Motors recently launched India’s 1st AI technology-enabled motorbikes with next-gen computing and mobility solutions. The launch concluded on August 28 and there were 2 motorbikes put up on display – RV300, and RV400. Both the models boast of unique technologies and function on electric motors mounted inside the frame.

Surely they are a great point of attraction for its technology inputs, but how well they perform once they hit the routes of the country? Well, even that question will be answered soon enough. But what are these electric motorcycles made of and will they be able to compete against the industry leaders?

As said before, RV300 and RV400 are electric motorcycles with AI technology. So what’s the difference?


RV300 is the most affordable motorbike offered by Revolt and works on a 2.7kWh lithium-ion battery and a 1.5kWh hub motor. The company assures 80km-150km on a full charge and takes around 4.2 hours to charge completely. With a top speed of 65kmph and efficiency of 3.5hours for 75% charge, this bike is meant for city tours and delivers a smooth, safe and hassle-free ride.

Several impressive features in this motorbike drive attention such as the hub motor which is situated back near disc brake unlike RV400 with a motor in the belly. The bike also sports front and rear disc brakes (smaller) with upside-down suspension in the front and mono-suspension at the rear. RV300 consists of a slightly smooth panel at the center unlike RV400 with a muscular panel in the center for the motor and battery.

RV300 is mounted with upside-down footpegs making your seating position towards the front and if you require, you can switch them to get front faced footpegs. It comes with a box-section swingarm with key ignition and can be said a small motorbike with all the features of a compact city motorbike. Available in two color variants – Smokey Green and Neon Black, this bike can drive attention even in the crowd.

Revolt motors have also come up with certain pricing schemes of Rs. 2,999 per month until 37 months. The scheme is called My Revolt Plan and the total expenditure for RV300 stands Rs. 1.11Lakhs. The token amount for the vehicle stands at Rs. 1,000.

RV400, on the other hand, is a powerful motorbike with a 3kW motor mounted inside the frame delivering 170Nm of torque making the flow of electricity quick giving this motorbike a quick head start. It sports a lithium-ion battery of 3.24kWh that takes about 4.5 hours for a 100% charge. RV400 comes in two variants – Standard (STD) & and Premium.

The powerful battery and bigger electric motor give RV400 a range of 150km in Eco mode, 100km in Normal mode and 80km in sports mode. Eco-mode allows the motorbike to reach up to 45kmph. Normal mode limits the speed up to 65kmph but in the sports mode, this motorbike can reach up to 80kmph which is suitable for highways as well as city routes.

The features of both models remain almost the same except the interchangeable footpegs which are faced in the front direction and smart key function that gives the motorbike keyless ignition feature. Of course, we can never forget the artificial exhaust sound in the premium version of RV400 that gives four different exhaust sounds to this unique motorbike.


RV400 is offered at an attractive scheme of Rs. 3,499 per month for STD version and Rs. 3,999 per month for the premium version that goes to 37 months with a total of Rs. 1.29Lakhs for STD version and Rs. 1.47Lakhs for the premium version.

If you think about it, the prices for both the motorbikes are very reasonable as they are first-ever AI-enable bikes in India and they come up with some really attractive features. The motorbike might not be fast but they have plenty of power to make smooth city rides and the features of these motorbikes drive attention without a doubt.


Sarthak Moghe

Sarthak Moghe

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