Shaq’s Car & Truck Collection – Top Picks that Shaquille O’Neal Owns

Shaquille O’Neal, usually called Shaq, is a celebrity. During his days, he was a talented NBA player whose career started early in the ’90s and dominated the basketball league for nineteen years. He kick-started his college career at LSU, but left and continued his NBA career with Orlando magic before he later returned to bag a degree in business. 

After some time, he moved on to Los Angeles Lakers, where he made an impact in that league alongside Kobe Bryant, where they both formed a daunting duo in the league.

During his career, he went into the music and movie industry, where he succeeded and made a great fortune for himself. He also ventured into various businesses and was found to have a net worth of about $350 million – that’s a considerable sum. 

He owns some estates all over the United States, and a collection of cars through his fortunes. But because of his size, he wouldn’t fit in well in a random car, so he customizes all his vehicles. Below we will be looking at some of his decent collection of Shaquille O’Neal cars.

#11 – 2001 Chevrolet G1500

This vehicle is a van, and I bet you wouldn’t expect an NBA star to own something of such, but trust me, he did buy the vehicle and customized it to his taste. He designed the interior of the vehicle with original Louis Vuitton and also branded it with the superman logos. He then equipped it with an Xbox and a 100 by 100 HD projector. He sold the van some years ago.

#10 – Ford F-650 Pickup

This pickup truck was acquired by Shaq recently and made it his favorite for his everyday tours because this truck fits perfectly for his body size and his public figure. Shaq is 7”1’ tall and weighs 325 pounds, which is almost the same height with the truck, and the truck is loaded with a 6.7-liter power stroke V8 diesel engine, which boasts of torque of 750 lb-ft and a 330 HP. The truck is worth $124, 000 and is greatly customized as usual.

#9 – Lamborghini Gallardo

This car is common to celebrities; every major celebrity during the year 2000 had this car, but due to Shaq’s size, this car wasn’t fit for him, and so he had to call on his automobile experts to upgrade his Lamborghini. About 12 inches of length was added to the size of the doors, side windows, and roofs of this car, just to accommodate the NBA superstar.

#8 – Smart Car

Popularly known as “Smart For Two,” is naturally built to accommodate two people. But in Shaq’s case, the car only fits him. It must probably be that he had to buy that car when he was broke and needed to minimize his expenses on cars – but how can an NBA superstar be broke? That’s a question that couldn’t be answered by anyone.

#7 – Mercedes Benz S-Class

This vehicle is one of the most expensive customized cars at the time Shaq bought it; it even featured in the GQ’s video series featuring 2Chainz. Shaq bought the Mercedes Benz convertible for $250, 000 and had its roof removed. He also added emergency doors at the back.

#6 – Cadillac DTS

Shaq bought this car when he was at the top of his celebrity game in Miami, and nicknamed it “The Shaquillac.” He had the car fully customized by the West Coast Customs and painted it all over with an eye-catching Candy Apple Burgundy paint.

#5 – Jeep Wrangler

This vehicle also passed through Shaq’s routine procedure of modifying every of his newly acquired cars. As it was also built by West Coast Customs, about 20 inches was needed to be added to the original dimension of the car, and then repainted with a BASF matte paint job before Shaquille could ride in it. He also added other features like the fuel doors, wheels, a Magnaflow exhaust, and poison spyder bumpers, among others.

#4 – Ford Expedition

This model is not the regular SUVs, it’s the superman’s SUV, and about 500 of these were made for Shaq by Ford. All that Shaq wants from an SUV are offered by this SUV – it’s big and classy, majorly built for people of Shaq’s size and personality. As of 2001, the vehicle costs about $57, 000 but we’ll leave you with the calculation of how much it can cost now.

#3 – Lincoln Navigator

This vehicle, as at when it was owned by Shaq, was equipped with Lamborghini doors, superman logo on each seat, and his favorite CDs being played through the monster speakers equipped on the car – everything Shaq wanted, he then pasted a noticeable “No. 34” on its body. Also, don’t forget that the Lincoln Navigator is fully compatible with X-Box and PlayStation. This vehicle was later auctioned out and sold to another buyer.

#2 – Hummer H2s

Shaq is always obsessed with superman, and he has his way of adding the logos to every of his car; this car isn’t an exception. His hummer’s wheels were built with 26 inches Ashanti wheels, and he engraved the superman logo on each spoke and Kumho tires of the vehicle. 

As if that wasn’t enough, he also had his fuel door customized with the superman logo. The car is a 2003 model, and it features a 6.0liter gasoline engine with 316 HP and automatic gear transmission. Shaq had it equipped with an 18 inches subwoofer.

#1 – Cadillac Escalade

This vehicle rides on 26 inches chrome wheels and Kumho tires, and of course, were customized too. This car seemed to be the one he valued most of his car collections. Its outer body structure is equipped with the Lexani body kit and its interior painted with a Burgundy paint, which also matches the exterior part. He also customized his fuel door, had his doors upgraded to a Lamborghini-styled door, customized its subwoofers to his taste, and of course, had his superman logo pasted on the car.

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