Stoystown Rebuildable Auto Sales & Salvage Junkyard PA

Stoystown Auto Sales is one of the biggest dealers of rebuildable vehicles in its region. It has a huge inventory of late-model vehicles. Beyond these, its inventory is of very high quality. This firm is a little different from other auto firms as it is not one that concerns itself with the purchase of cars. Although it does not sale cars, it is very important in the automobile industry. The reason for this is it makes the purchase of rebuildable vehicles very easy. This might not mean much for people that have mastered the art of buying rebuildable vehicles. It, however, is important for people that are not used to buying rebuildable vehicles.

Stoystown Auto Wreckers puts in a lot of effort to ensure its customers are confident of the purchase they make and also do not have any regrets after making a purchase.

Stoystown Auto Wreckers is open every single day of the week. From Monday to Saturday, customers can come in for questioning and make purchases. However, on Sundays, inventory is only available for browsing.

This firm has enjoyed a great deal of success. This can be greatly attributed to the level of experience of its staff as well as its amazing customer service.

When was Stoystown Auto Wreckers Established?

Stoystown Auto Wreckers was set up in 1948. Fifteen years after it was established, its owner, Skip Fleegle went into a partnership with Frank E. Mayak. Six years after this deal was made, Skip Fleegle died, thereby, leaving the Mayak family the opportunity to buy out the Stoystown Auto Wreckers partnership. In 1969, Stoystown Auto Wreckers was simply one wrecker, a little warehouse, and a couple of automobiles all on some acres of land.

What is Stoystown Auto Wrecker like Today?

Stoystown Auto Wrecker has made a lot of progress. It has gone from a simple firm on just six acres of land to a mega business that occupies 50 acres of land. Although it has grown tremendously, the Mayak family is still its owner and in complete charge of its operations.

 Beyond just occupying up to 50 acres of land, this auto firm now has an inventory system that is totally computerized. In addition to this are 10 salesmen that are always at your beck and call.

About Frank E. Mayak

The man that started it all for the Mayak family, Frank E. Mayak died on the 25th of May, 2004. This was a year after he got diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). Although Frank Mayak has passed away, his family has kept him fresh in their memories by setting up a support group for other families that are dealing with ALS. They have been able to do this by putting up a $75,000 endowment.


Stoystown Auto Wreckers is situated at 5079 Lincoln Hwy, Stoystown, PA 15563. It is not far from Route 219. Furthermore, it is about 30 minutes from Johnstown Pennsylvania and Somerset.

What is Stoystown Auto Wreckers Known For?

This auto firm has a reputation for the quality of its services. It puts in a lot of effort in ensuring that recycled automotive parts of the highest quality are made available. In addition to ensuring these are available, Stoystown makes these available to customers at a friendly price. In addition to selling these products at a friendly price, it offers a standard warranty. That’s not all. It also pays a great deal of attention to customer service. As a matter of fact, its customer care is one of the best that can be gotten in this industry.

Lots of parts that are bought at Stoystown Auto Sales come with a six-month warranty. This warranty is also supported by a three-month labor warranty. That’s not all. This auto firm gives its customers an extended warranty of a year or two.

If for any reason a part that was bought with a warranty does not continue to function during the period that the warranty lasts, Stoystown Auto Wrecker will not hesitate to replace such parts with an equivalent part that functions properly. If the part is not available at the time of the complaint, part payment will be refunded.

It is Possible to Drive a Vehicle Directly Out of the Lot after Purchase

Regardless of how tempted one might be to leave immediately with a vehicle after buying it, vehicles cannot be driven out immediately. This is because purchased vehicles come with a salvage title. Before a vehicle is taken out, it must go through absolute repair.

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