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Technology That Makes Maruti Suzuki a Mass-Owned Vehicle

By July 1, 2019 July 23rd, 2019 No Comments
Maruti Suzuki AGS

Technology That Makes Maruti Suzuki a Mass-Owned Vehicle

Maruti Suzuki, a renowned automobile company that has been touching millions of hearts has now reached a new milestone in the industry. It has crossed the mark of 3Lakhs cumulative sale of cars with a powerful technology called Auto Gear Shifting (AGS). It is a revolutionary automatic transmission technology that provides greater driving experience, comfort along with superior driving dynamics. The technology has increased sales for the automobile giant of India since the day it was launched.

Why is AGS Impactful?

The AGS technology is of great relevance for the Indian car buyers as they are more into high mileage cars and low maintenance. The AGS gives its owners the pleasure of their choice and moreover, it is also the best companion in bumper-to-bumper traffic conditions.

The AGS technology driven cars work on a two-pedal mechanism and do not consist of a clutch pedal. It reduces the stress and effort of the drivers, as well as decreases the leg ache that happens in chaotic driving situations.

AGS technology is known to make the two-pedal technology more affordable while offering fuel efficiency up to the maximum. It also enhances the performance of the vehicle and the technology being cheap, allows Maruti Suzuki to offer their machinery at affordable prices.

How AGS is better than AMT?


Auto Gear Shift is also known as the Self-shifting transmission which is basically a gearbox capable of shifting gears. It is effective because it allows the internal combustion engine to provide speed and torque required for the car movement. AGS technology is not dependent on a clutch to change the gears instead, it shifts the gear through hydraulic locking and unlocking the system of gears.

On the other hand, AMT is a clutch-less Manual Transmission which is an automatic gearbox that does not shift the gear automatically but allows the vehicle to change gears without any requirement of driver depressing the clutch pedal manually.

AGS technology is much more advanced when compared to the AMT. Cars with AGS technology are capable of shifting the gears smoothly whereas, you feel a little bit of jerk during the shift happening that is oriented through AMT technology.

The use of AGS technology has provided a new impression to the cars of Maruti Suzuki and has taken them one step above in the list. This technology comforts drivers as well as it also keeps the vehicles away from any kind of internal harm that might take place in the gear panel during a jerk shift through AMT.

Maruti Suzuki has featured several cars with this technology and apparently, it has rewarded the company with numerous benefits. The cars that are enriched with this technology include Alto k10, Celerio, Celerio X, Wagon R, IGNIS, Swift and Vitara Brezza.

Benefits of AGS Technology

  • The revolutionary technology allows you to switch the panel between Automatic and Manual Modes very smoothly.
  • It helps in better driving as the technology is very easy to understand and hardly requires any kind of effort in shifting gears. It is of great use in crowded areas where you might develop leg ache due to constant clutching.
  • The fuel consumption is very low as the transmission loss is minimum, and it also gives better mileage than automatic transmission.
  • Being an affordable technology, the vehicles implanted with this technology costs much
  • You feel delighted with smooth gear change as the gear shift happens electronically with Intelligent Shift Control Actuator.

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