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The best terrains in India for adventure touring

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The best terrains in India for adventure touring

Every adventurer keen on taking their bikes out for a spin can tell you how big and varied the terrains of India are when it comes to adventure touring. Right from the high Himalayan roads, to the enchanting Western Ghats, mesmerising North-Eastern hills and undulating landscapes of Rajasthan – the country is a treasure trove of adventure.

If you are in the mood to pack your bags and leave on a long adventure, while testing your bike in some of the most challenging landscapes of the country, this list might help you make a quick choice –

  1. Shimla-Spiti Valley

Shimla-Spiti Valley

This is one of the most dangerous motorable roads and has numerous dirt tracks and broken or unfinished roads. Plus, there are multiple stretches that have quite narrow roads, fit for just one vehicle to pass at a time. The terrain also makes it difficult to keep a steady balance while negotiating uneven curves, but for any adventurer biker worth their salt, this is one road that they must test. The scenic beauty of the route, including apple orchards, miles and miles of valleys, and monasteries dotting barren mountains make up for all the effort.

  1. Guwahati-Khasi Hills

Guwahati-Khasi Hills

The main challenge of riding in this terrain is the fact that the damp weather in the region makes the roads wet and slippery. Bikers need to be careful at all turns since a wet road is one of the most dangerous ones to ride on. Why go at all then? Well, navigating serpentine curves in the North-east region is a dream come true for most bikers, and it presents a unique kind of riding challenge. Moreover, there are numerous waterfalls and lush green forests on the way which makes it one of the most beautiful bike routes in India.

  1. Manali-Leh


Possibly one of the most popular biking routes in the country, the Manali-Leh route is frequented by bikers of all types and is especially great for someone who wants to begin their adventure riding journey. However, one does need to be careful as most part of the Manali-Leh highway has narrow roads and sharp turns, and while passing the Khardung La is an achievement, it is still considered to be one of the most difficult parts. Snow covers this region most of the year, so bikers also have the chance to experience some adventure riding on a unique kind of terrain. This route also boasts of some interesting mix of landscapes like snow-laden peaks, vast stretches of rocky mountains, and grasslands.

  1. Jaipur-Sand Dunes

This route offers a distinctive change in scenery and is equally exciting as the mountains. Most of the route is very well-maintained since it is basically a wide-stretch of a smooth highway, however, once you reach the Sam dunes, it can become a little tricky to negotiate those terrains. However, one gets to experience the true beauty of Rajasthan’s stunning outdoors, its golden deserts, and even some brilliant views of the milky way at night.

  1. Siliguri-Yuksom

Siliguri Yuksom

The roads on this route are quite under-maintained and uneven. Broken roads and uneven terrains make it difficult, but also offer an opportunity for off-roading to adventure bikers. They also get the chance to cross waterfalls on the way, and the hills around Darjeeling and Kalimpong will take you through some of the most mesmerizing landscapes in the country. Bonus point – there are some stunning views of the Himalayan peaks as well, making the riding adventure one epic journey to remember.

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