This Winter, Take Care of Your Ride With 7 Simple Tips

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This Winter, Take Care of Your Ride With 7 Simple Tips

This Winter, Take Care of Your Ride With 7 Simple Tips

Winters, the most exhilarating season of the year is about to arrive and most of us might have already started shopping for the season. Winter shopping involves clothing, footwear, heater, and so on. But this winter, don’t just think about your happiness; also spare some thought for your beloved car.

You might not believe it, but our cars need the same amount of care during winters, as any other season, to bring out their best performance.

So this winter season follows these simple tips and feel the difference in the performance of your vehicle.

  • Winter Tires

Winter Tires

This can be called the most important step towards making your car winter-ready. During winters, roads are exposed to dew drops, snow, dust, and sand together, which eventually reduces the grip of tires and increases the chances of a vehicle collision. With winter tires, the performance of the vehicle gets better and it will also keep you safe. They also help get a better grip as winters in India involves a lot of fog, which can lead to major accidents if the tires lose their grip.

  • Car Wash

Winter Car wash

It might seem a bit odd to wash your car during winter but believe us, it is an essential part of car care. The best way to reduce the hassle – get a good wash and wax before the heavy winter arrives. This will prevent your car from rust, but you also need to take proper care of it afterwards.

  • Check Your Car’s Oil

check your car's oil

To bring out the best performance of your vehicle, it is best to keep a check on oil so that the level isn’t too low and the vehicle has proper consistency as well. It is best to check the vehicle owner’s manual for oil type.

  • Check the Heaters

Check the Heaters

While traveling in winters, it feels comfortable inside the car, escaping the cold of the outside world with the heaters turned on. But, what if the heaters do not work? It is advised to get heaters of your car thoroughly inspected so you don’t catch a nasty chill.

  • Radiator check is a must

Radiator check is a must

If the radiator of the vehicle is not filled with the right level of good antifreeze, the liquid might freeze or create a build-up causing a leak or transmission fail. During winters, it can turn into a disaster if you face the problem of leakage out of nowhere. A regular check on the radiator liquid can help avoid this problem, and if the liquid seems too low, remember to get it filled.

  • Warm up the Engine

Warm up the Engine

It is advised by experienced riders to start the car well in advance and warm up the engine before driving. Now the question arises, how long should the engine be kept running? Well, the answer is simple. The engine will warm up quicker if you drive it around. So, before leaving for work, it is best to start your car, give it a small ride and prep the engine for the journey ahead.

  • Car Battery must be charged

Car battery drainage is a major problem faced during winters. By keeping a check on the battery vehicle and making sure that it is fully charged, problems of battery drainage can be dodged. It is also another important step to take before the cold temperature swoops in.

Go ahead, and follow these tips for a smooth and safe winter drive.


Debarati Dasgupta

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