Triumph Street Scrambler or Ducati Scrambler? What Should You Pick!

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Triumph Street Scrambler or Ducati Scrambler

Triumph Street Scrambler or Ducati Scrambler? What Should You Pick!

The year 2019 witnessed the release of two monsters in the automobile industry – both Ducati and Triumph released the Scrambler for their customers this year. Ducati, on one hand, is a sports bike providing company, while Triumph is a cruise bike provider. Ducati makes efforts in providing speed and power to their customers, whereas, Triumph is known for the comfort and power offered by their products.

  • Engine

Both companies have their upper hand in different features but when it comes to power, none of the company backs off. If we talk about the engine displacement, Triumph Street Scrambler generates power from a 900cc engine and Ducati Scrambler is equipped with 803cc engine.  The engine might seem a little different but even with 803cc engine, Ducati Scrambler can generate power up to 72bhp @ 8250rpm reaching the Max Torque of 67Nm @5750rpm, whereas, Triumph Street Scrambler generates 64.1bph power @ 7500rpm while creating Max Torque of 80Nm @ 3200rpm. It is very easy to understand that the machines creating this much of power will require help to maintain heat in their engine. To withstand such a situation, Triumph uses a Liquid Cooled engine against the Air Cooled engine of Ducati Scrambler.

Triumph Street Scrambler

  • Fuel Consumption

It is very obvious for the machines to consume excessive fuel to keep the dice rolling. To deal with this situation, Triumph comes with a fuel capacity of 12L, on the other hand, Ducati Scrambler gets a 13.5L fuel tank. Ducati has a bigger fuel tank just for the fact that being a sports bike is never easy. With a 13.5L fuel capacity, Ducati gives the mileage of 20kmpl in comparison Triumph with a mileage of 18kmpl. These tanks do have a reason to be big, motorcycles like Scrambler generally consumes more fuel than other normal bikes. Triumph gets an overall riding range of 216km and Ducati can travel up to 270km.

  • Features

Talking about the features of these rides, Triumph gets an Analogue speedometer and a digital tachometer. Ducati, on the other hand, gets a digital speedometer and tachometer. Both the bikes are enriched with Gear Indicator, Fuel Warming Indicator, Fuel Gauge, Pillion Seat, Engine Kill Switch, Clock, digital trip meter, and pass light.

These are some necessary features that every bike must contain but Triumph being a cruising motorcycle gets some special features that include, Trip Computer, LED Rear Light, Immobilizer, Torque-Assist Clutch, Switchable Traction Control, and USB Power Socket.

  • Chassis

Triumph Scrambler is built on a Tubular Steel Cradle and Ducati Scrambler is built on Tubular Steel Trellis Frame. It might be the steel cradle frame which makes the bike heavier up to 203kg, Ducati being a sports bike, weighs about 170kg which increases the speed and balance of the vehicle. Ducati with its low weighted body can reach up to an amazing speed of 200kmph while Triumph can reach up to 160kmph with all the weight.

ducati scrambler

  • Price

Triumph Street Scrambler can be bought at an attractive price of Rs. 9.61Lakhs whereas Ducati Scrambler is available at Rs. 8.48Lakhs.

Both the monsters are one of a kind. One master’s speed and the other one gives you the utmost comfort with the pleasure of riding a luxurious, yet spacious bike. What would be your pick?

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