Tunkhannock auto mart is a car dealership organization that specializes majorly in the sales of various models of Dodge, Chrysler, new Jeep, and all Ram models. They have always been making all these cars available to their customers since 1960. Customers can also attest that they are always treated with utmost respect whenever they patronize Tunkhannock. 

They are honest and reliable in all their dealings. They also make sure that every buyer who walks through their door is fully satisfied through their hard work and friendly services. Their services include sales, repairs, replacement, and maintenance of both new and used vehicles.

At Tunkhannock, their workers are skilled and pleasant. Their services are so affordable, and this has made many clients visit and patronize them consistently. Also, It is evident that lots of people now drive a vehicle on the street of Dallas, Pennsylvania, and many more because Tunkhannock had helped them to get a car of their choice.

What Services Do They Render?

Whether you wish to buy a new vehicle, or you want to upgrade your current one, they are ready to serve you just as you wish. The service rendered depends on what you need from them. You can visit their showroom in Tunkhannock if you intend to buy a new car. What you get to see in their collection includes varieties of Ram, Dodge, Chrysler’s new Jeep, and other top car manufacturers.

As said earlier, they don’t only sell new cars; they also deal with sales and upgrade of used vehicles. They offer a selection of used cars, including RAM, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep.  These cars are not too expensive, and so, you can save some cash while you get yourself a good ride.

After you make a purchase, Tunkhannock Auto Mart will also take you through the necessary processes before you can drive home your new purchase. Even after you have moved your newly purchased car to your home, Tunkhannock Auto Mart continues to avail themselves to its maintenance. They also offer repair and sales of spare parts of the vehicle, to make sure that you have an outstanding ownership and driving experience.

Also, for those that would like to buy a new vehicle but can’t afford all the payment at once, Tunkhannock Auto Mart has got your back. They render loan services to help you fulfill your desire to own a car. Their staff is fully trained to evaluate the amount of loan that is accessible to you and take you through every necessary process it requires.

Benefits of patronizing Tunkhannock Auto

A Wide Variety of Cars

Everyone has a different reason for buying a car. Some might need it for a particular purpose for the moment. Some need it to get a job done, some just for weekend outings while some want a ride to fulfill their daily errands. Whatever your needs might be, Tunkhannock has various types of cars for different purposes.

Among these cars, you’ll find different models of Dodge, RAM, Chrysler, and Jeep. Some models fit in for your daily use while some have some stylish touch that makes it suitable for a vacation. Also available are trucks that are suitable for heavy-duty jobs. You can request for their services on their website, and you can even fill in a loan application from the comfort of your bed.

Reliable Customer Service Centre

Tunkhannock Service Centre is equipped with advanced tools and equipment. With Mopar® genuine parts and factory-trained technicians, be rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands and will not deteriorate in a long time. 

They also offer express lane service, which is best suitable for maintenance services like oil change, battery tests, filter change, tire rotations, wiper blade replacement, and so many more. You can visit the Tunkhannock service Centre to book for your next appointment with them. You can also book with them online or over the phone.

Final Words

Tunkhannock Auto Mart is prepared to provide solutions to all sorts of needs that you might be encountering with your vehicle. They have been rendering quality services for over 25 years in zones like Dallas, Harveys Lake, Wilkes-Barre, and Tunkhannock. 

They have not stopped; instead, they do their best to get better each day. You can contact them for your purchase, repair, and maintenance of your vehicle or visit their main office at 509, Joseph Hunter highway, situated in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania. They are always ready to help you with your car.

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