The Draken, Creon, and Akula are some of the great concepts that have been showcased in previous Auto Expo’s before the Zeppelin made its appearance in 2018. 

However, expectations are high regarding the production model, which many believe will be around 80% similar to the concept model. This is assuming TVS follows the patterns they have established from previous models.

With a lack of significant presence in the cruiser segment, the TVS Zeppelin is a breath of fresh air to most TVS customers. As long as this bike moves beyond the concept form, it is sure to shake the markets. 

So, what would make the TVS cruiser worth the wait till its production? Here are some things we already know.

Change in Design

One thing we have come to accept with TVS is their willingness to go the extra mile when it comes to designs. From the concept of the TVS Zeppelin, it will also be unique in its design. The bike will have a cruiser stance along with a long tank unit, long wheelbase, and a unique headlamp unit. 

The panels also have an excellent finish, while the bike takes the appearance of a premium, bigger cruiser motorcycle. 

Overall Performance and Engine

From the concept model, the TVS Zeppelin features a liquid cooler. However, this will increase the price of the bike. Therefore, there is a high chance this bike will feature an oil cooler instead. 

This means it will come with a 220-cc single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine which is oil-cooled. The general assumption of the power output is about 20-22 bhp maximum and a peak torque output of 18 Nm. This is assuming the engine to be a bored-out version of the 197.5-cc engine of the TVS Apache. 

A slipper clutch and a 5-speed gearbox will also be available on the engine. This will make the overall performance a lot better in comparison to other rival motorcycles. 

Unique Features

Some unique features that are likely to appear on this bike include either the same instrument cluster as that on the Apache 200 RTR 4V or a semi-digital instrument cluster. 

There will also be all-LED tail lamps and headlamps, which give it the possibility of being the first bike with this feature in the segment. As a standard safety feature of the bike, a side-stand engine inhibitor is likely going to be available along with a dual-channel ABS. 


Some of the details of the hardware are already available, and these will be valid unless there are minor changes during final production. The front and rear wheels of the bike will be spoke type, measuring 17-inches and 15-inches respectively. 

Although there is a possibility of a replacement to reduce the price, the concept model had USD forks at the front of the bike. Nonetheless, the 270mm front disc and 2400mm rear disc are supposed to handle the braking duty, similar to the Apache 200. 

A single-channel ABS will also be available for assisting the discs. A mono-shock suspension will be used as for the rear suspension, and it is well out of sight for better aesthetics. A conventional chain drive might also replace the belt drive on this bike. 

Launch Date and Price

For the launch date, most details point towards the end of 2020 for a possible release date. In terms of its pricing upon release, customers can rely on TVS to offer a reasonable price. 

Most of the possible prices fall within the range of Rs 1.30 to 1.50 lakh. In addition to the features, this price point will make it a great competition for the Royal Enfield Thunderbird and Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220, among other bikes. 

Also, bike lovers may get a 160-cc version of this bike soon after the launch of the 220-cc Zeppelin by TVS. 

Is It Worth the Wait?

This is the most crucial question that needs to be answered. The answer largely depends on your needs as a rider. However, the first thing you must remember is that TVS is well-known for being a company that delivers high-quality on its products. 

Also, the various features and specifications that appear on the concept model make this bike an excellent competition for other bikes such as the Suzuki Intruder 250. 

The icing on this cake will be the price at which the bike will retail for. TVS always puts customers first when pricing their vehicles, so this might be a huge selling point.

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