Waukegan Auto Auctions in Chicago Illinois

Are you looking to buy a used car without spending a lot of money? If yes, then, you can take advantage of the existence of Waukegan Auto Auction. This auction holds publicly and it allows virtually anyone to buy a used vehicle in very much the same way as car dealers get used vehicles. There is no need to pay retail when at a regular dealership.

At Waukegan Auto Auction is a lot of pre-owned trucks and cars that are in top condition. You can always make a choice from any of these.

Simplicity of Process

The process of buying a vehicle at Waukegan Auto Auction is very simple. As a matter of fact, the simplicity associated with the purchase of vehicles at this auction is what makes its stand out from lots of other auctions. Since there are no complications with buying vehicles at Waukegan Auto Auction, you will not need a middle man to do the purchase on your behalf.

When it is time to bid for a vehicle, you do not need any special license to take part in a bid. Although some other auto auctions require a dealer’s license, when bidding for a vehicle at Waukegan Auto Auction, you do not need a dealer’s license. Once you make it to the bid, you can register for free, park whatever vehicle you came with for free, and simply join in the bidding process.

Some years ago, getting a car auction was not so easy for people that live around, WI, Racine, Milwaukee, Rockford, Waukegan, and Chicago. They were known to always ask the question ‘where can I find an auction near me’. Also, they did not have lots of alternatives to make a choice from. The story is different now since the arrival of Waukegan Auto Auction. Since this auto auction came on board, people that live around Indiana, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

How Does Waukegan Auto Auction

This auction is similar to famous auction websites such as eBay, in its mode of operation. When bidding for vehicles, there is a starting price. Usually, bids at Waukegan Auto Auction begin at $500. Generally, after beginning at $500, bids get a lot higher. Furthermore, there are times vehicles are gotten without a reserve. The implication of this is with Waukegan Auto Auction, no bid is considered a minimum. If you make a bid for $800 and no other person makes a bid, the vehicle will be sold for $800.

Apart from putting up vehicles for sale in auctions, this auto auction also takes part in other auctions. This is one reason it organizes standard auctions. In the auction process that Waukegan takes part in, it is able to get the cars it sells from other auto dealers.

Waukegan takes part in police car auctions. This auction involves the sale of SUVs and cars that have been used by policemen. These vehicles get offered to the public when these policemen get retired. Sometimes these vehicles are sold at public auctions. Other times, they are sold in regular lots for the sale of used cars.

The second type of auction that Waukegan Auto Auction takes part in is repossessed auctions. The vehicles auctioned here are gotten from various places. Sometimes they are vehicles gotten when financing was not paid. In this situation, the bank that was involved in financing the vehicle takes it back and gives it up for auction. That’s not all. Sometimes, used cars are taken over by the police as well as other agencies of the government. In very much the same way as cars gotten from defaulters on loans are put up for sale at auctions,   the vehicles repossessed by government agencies are put up for sale at auctions.

How to Bid for a Vehicle at Waukegan Auto Auction

When looking to get a vehicle at Waukegan Auto Auction, the first thing you have to do is show up on time. There is a viewing period of two hours at Waukegan Auto Auction. During this period, virtually everyone is allowed to inspect the vehicles that being auctioned.

Since there will be a lot of vehicles to inspect, you will be able to get a good deal when you come very early. As a matter of fact, you should take advantage of the two hour inspection period. When you come early, you have the freedom to inspect the exterior, interior, and beneath the vehicles you are interested in.

In addition to coming early, you must pay attention to the entire bidding process. As soon as bidding starts, when you see a vehicle you are interested in, you must know the right way to signal a bid. This way the auctioneer can tell you are trying to bid for a vehicle.

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