WeShare is VW’s New Smart Share

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VolksWagon WeShare

WeShare is VW’s New Smart Share

The car-sharing sector is growing at a great pace and has started introducing electric vehicles to ease the pains of mobility for people. Berlin, Germany witnessed the launch of WeShare as Volkswagen enters into the growing car-sharing sector. A total of 1500 e-Golf vehicles were introduced by the company and will be brought onto the roads with a 100 percent electric fleet which will be operated through the green power. These will be followed by an additional 500 vehicles at the beginning of the next year.

WeShare is a free-floating system that can be operated digitally, through an application. Christian Senger, Volkswagen Board Member for Digital Cars and Services contributed, “With WeShare, we have tailored car sharing to meet the needs of users: easy to use with 100 percent electric operation on green power and with such a consistent, broad offering, we stand out from the competition. We are outstandingly well-positioned to participate in the expanding car-sharing market.” (Source:

For the initial stages, WeShare will cover about area in the city center. Once the fleet starts to expand, the area will be extended in line. The fleet will be charged on the public charging network and there are also efforts made towards creating charging points at 70 branches of food retailers.

These efforts are being made to ease the mobility through cabs along with controlling the damage happening to the environment, something which the burgeoning automobile industry desperately needs right now.

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