Will Autonomous Vehicles put an End to Manual Vehicles?

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Autonomous Driving

Will Autonomous Vehicles put an End to Manual Vehicles?

The automobile industry is slowly moving towards the era of self-driving vehicles intending to make lives simpler and safe. Several tests are being carried out by companies around the globe and many companies have also prepared prototypes for the models. Technology advancements are helping reduce accidents, anxiety, and fatigue that we come across while driving. But, is getting dependent on technology a smart choice? Will technology help us in eradicating all the problems that we face while driving on the roads?

There are several aspects of answering this question; autonomous vehicles surely are a smart choice when it comes to the technical benefits, but it can also prove to be a disaster if not executed perfectly. So, what exactly is the fate of future “Autonomous” cars?

Can the intellectual power of Man and Machine be the same?

Surely, vehicles being able to drive on their own is a cool technology but when we travel on the roads, there are several obstacles that we encounter. These include pedestrians, other cars, motorcycle riders, bicycle riders, animals and much more. Now, the first challenge for autonomous vehicles is to figure out the obstacles and react according to the situation. There have been several novel advancements in this technology that have proved autonomous driving to be a safe option for the roads but, there have been several instances where the technology got confused about the object and did not take action on-time. There are numerous videos uploaded on the internet that contains content depicting the failures of autonomous technology. Though these failures can be overcome through more precision, will the technology win against the thinking power of the human being? We don’t know it yet but the automobile industry is involved in regular experiments and it might happen someday that the Autonomous driving technology might overtake the powers of a human being.

Are there any chances of AVs getting hacked?

AVs getting hacked

An autonomous vehicle is a computerized technology that can work on its own, think on its own and take decisions for performing an activity. It is a creative technology that can not only ease the lives of people but it can also secure the roads through disciplined driving. But, have you ever thought that a technology can also be hacked and if such a thing happens, the amount of chaos that will ensue is unimaginable. However, such a thing has not happened yet and looking at the pace at which AV technology is making advancements, we might not witness such a thing. On the other hand, self-driving vehicles can help in several sectors and reduce casualties. One example for the same can be a warehouse forklift designed by Zenoway; the vehicle has no driver and worked on the autonomous technology making a way through the warehouse without bumping into anything. It also works efficiently saving time, safety and improving productivity.

Can AVs replace Transport Vehicles?

The basic methodology of transport vehicles is to ease our lives, which means they are here to save us from the hassle of driving. Companies across the world are promising to launch these vehicles by 2020 and have confirmed that by 2030 they would rule the roads.  So, that means after 2020 we might not be in any need of driving and will be able to travel places just by sitting in a vehicle that drives on its own. It will prove to be helpful in situations when you get stuck in some problem and have no one to help you out. But, if we look at the flipside, it might also completely erase the existence of transport vehicles.

Will AVs take over the thrill of driving Supercars?

thrill of Supercars

An automated vehicle is a technology being adopted by several companies across the globe. These companies also include BMW, Audi and so on. These companies are included in some of the major brands that specialize in designing sportscar. If we consider BMW’s Vision M Next, the vehicle is a self-driving technology integrated vehicle with some magnifying features. One of those features is called ‘The Boost’. According to BMW, the vehicle is embedded with sensors that understand your heart rate, feelings, enthusiasm, and energy level. Based on these, it generates boost for the vehicle which can be released to increase the speed of the vehicle. Audi has also introduced the A8 model that features automated technology. A8 is a luxury vehicle offered by this company and with the help of self-driving technology, the luxury element of this vehicle has gone up a notch. Other than that, several other companies are involved in designing vehicles that would sport self-driving technology that includes Volvo, Nissan, Toyota, and so on. So, if we think on a larger basis, there are chances that the automated vehicles might not only take over the Supercars but they might also overtake luxurious cars through their utmost comfort and free-way riding experience.

So, these are some of the aspects that we might witness after the introduction of Autonomous vehicles in the industry. Now, let’s get back to where we started from? If we take all the above points to mention, we can say that, yes, the introduction of autonomous vehicles might put an end to manually-operated vehicles.


  1. Automated vehicles are luxurious and provide ease of driving.
  2. With the help of autonomous vehicles, casualties on roads and factories can be reduced.
  3. When it comes to designing, automated vehicles give a humongous amount of scope to the brands in terms of developing interiors, exteriors, and features of the vehicles.
  4. Last but not least, Self-driving vehicles can also be helpful in emergency services by reducing the focus on driving, and putting the spotlight on the emergency, thus helping towards a quicker resolution.

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